Teamfight Tactics patch 14.1 notes

New year, new patch, new comps! 14.1 shakes things up with 11 new Portals, streak gold adjustments, trait power adjustments, and a rework to Heartsteel!

New Year, new Portals… and 11 of them too!!!

We hope you had a great patch 13.24, because it’s time to shake things up with a patch packed full of 11 new Portals, 16 Augments changes, over 10 Trait adjustments, a rework to Heartsteel, an update to over 15 items, and of course, over 20 champion adjustments. It’s a big patch for a big year, but the next patch will also be big (for different reasons), as it brings our first ever set revival with the return of the Galaxies mid-set, Return to the Stars! You can read more about the new (old?) game mode coming with our Lunar Festival event from patch 14.02 to the end of patch 14.03 (Feb 20th) via a dev article here!
Rodger "Riot Prism" Caudill



TFT’s first set revival is almost here, and we’re gearing up for galactic exploration with the revival of the Galaxies mid-set, Return to the Stars, as a temporary game mode available from patch 14.02 (Jan 24th) until the end of patch 14.03 (Feb 20th) during our Lunar Festival event! You can get more information about why we are returning to the stars, and how we’ve updated the mid-set here.



One of our biggest wins of 2023 will be felt with our first patch of 2024, Spectator Mode! We’re thrilled to have the feature go live this patch, which means there’s no excuses for not inviting me to your community led tournaments. On a serious note, a big thanks to the teams that worked across LoL PC and TFT to make what we thought to be impossible, possible, and another thanks to our passionate TFT community that’s been making community tournaments work for so long without this feature. We’re still in early days here, so be sure to report any bugs you may observe.
  • Spectate will go to our live client on patch 14.1, January 9th
  • Spectate will have a delay of 1 minute
  • Right click a pal from the friends list to spectate them and be prepared to congratulate them on their top four, or console them after their loss
  • Spectate will come to Riot Regions only this patch



Some wild, some mild, some favorites returning, and one that heralds the rise of the Scuttle Crab—you’ve been warned!

We’ve also updated the odds of seeing our rare Portals (such as Scuttle Puddle) to be even across all Portals!
  • Spatula: Start with a Spatula.
  • Tactician’s Crown: Start with a Tactician’s Crown (gain +1 team size).
  • Support Anvil: Start with 1 Support item anvil.
  • Crescendo: Augments this game will be silver, gold, then prismatic tier.
  • Decrescendo: Augments this game will be prismatic, gold, then silver tier.
  • Champion Delivery: Twice per stage, gain a high cost champion. The cost increases with game time.
  • Radiant Blessing: At 40 player health, receive a blessing that contains powerful loot. This occurs at 10 player health in Hyper Roll
  • Treasure Armory: On stage 4-7, choose a 5-piece package of powerful loot. This occurs on Stage 8-1 in Hyper Roll.
  • Wandering Trainers: Start with a Training Dummy with 3 permanently attached trait emblems.
  • Loot Subscription: Every stage, gain random loot from a highly varied pool.
  • Crab Rave: Dancing Crabs replace PvE encounters and drop bonus loot, but crabs on Stage 5+ are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Grants loot every other stage in Hyper Roll.
  • All Portals in the game have an equal chance of appearing


We’ve seen the Open Fort strategy (completely selling board to accumulate more gold) be much more valued than going WLWLW (win/loss/win/loss/win) and preserving Tactician Health. A WLWLW player gets 0 streak gold, while a LLLLL player gets 10 gold, which can be a lot considering the importance of early econ. We’re reducing the value of that early econ by restricting access to streak gold until later in Stage 2, as now LLLLL players will only get 6 gold (and still lose a lot of Health). Is the 6 gold completely worth playing Open Fort—maybe in some situations, but we don’t expect this to be a strategy you want to go for before seeing the outcome of 2-2, or even 2-3.
  • You have to hit higher streaks to make gold now
  • 1g: 2 - 3 ⇒ 3 - 4 wins/losses
  • 2g: 4 ⇒ 5 wins/losses
  • 3g: 5 ⇒ 6 wins/losses


We’re making Country 7 easier to access, allowing you to live your cowboy dreams… or cowboy night-mares… We’ll be adjusting the power of the trait to accommodate the newfound access to its highest tier (see Traits in the SMALL section).

Jazz is at its best when it’s improvised—there’s no room for cookie-cutter recipes here. With the Jazz Emblem no longer craftable, we will be increasing the power of the trait (see Traits section).
  • Country is now craftable and comes from Spatula + Negatron Cloak
  • Jazz is now uncraftable


We’re adjusting the rules for Headliners to show up in your shop in order to prevent awkward moments where you can’t three-star your reroll carry, while also making 3-star 4 and 5-cost champions harder to hit through the mechanic. The old rule was also confusing as it led to weird situations where champions in opponent shops could contribute to not seeing a Headliner you may have wanted.
  • 1/2/3-cost Headliners have no restrictions based upon copies you own
  • 4-cost Headliners can’t show up if you own more than 4 copies of that champion
  • 5-cost Headliners can’t show up if you own more than 3 copies of that champion


Large like the human need for at least 8 hours of sleep each night. A healthy sleep cycle is a healthy life cycle.


If you compare the output of a trait like Big Shot (40/72/120) versus 8-Bit which requires time to stack (45/75/120) it’s a long shot from a bit underpowered. Even with this reality, the trait isn’t too weak thanks to its powerful champions like Caitlyn and Corki. We’re going to put more power in the trait, while pulling some from its carries to keep 8-Bit from becoming 8/8 bit.

Right now 5 EDM is too strong, and Jax is the strongest version of it. Lowering the power of 5 EDM specifically also allows us to raise the trait power at 3/4, as well as some of the other EDM champions as needed.

Higher levels of Emo were certainly sad, but not in the way you’d want it to be. Now as you go up in Emo breakpoints, you can expect to cast more and more often. This should help vertical Emo Poppy and Vex mostly, as we’ll be giving Annie other adjustments to balance things out.

The way Executioner’s crit rate scaled with enemy health wasn’t very satisfying especially at 4 and 6. Now, they will critically strike low health enemies a lot more and much harder, leading to the vertical living their best crit life.

Heartsteel is getting a rework, but before we get into that it’s worth noting that we’ll also be nerfing the base trait a bit since it’s been too consistent. We’re adding a new “Raise the Stakes” option instead of automatically cashing out after four player combats. This will let players chase after massive cash outs—it’s risky though, as you will have to delay your rewards to a later time AND are punished for winning during this time.

Sentinel 6 and 8 are able to stall out a bit more than intended. We’re giving the trait a minor nerf at 6, but 8 is going down more due to the availability of Emblems from new Portals.

Spellweaver 10 has been virtually impossible to hit, so we’re just removing it as a Prismatic option, and then buffing accordingly. With the support of some of our new Portals especially, 9 should be achievable.
  • 8-Bit AD per Stack: 4.5/7.5/12% ⇒ 5/9/14%
  • Crowd Diver Bonus Damage: 5/30/60% ⇒ 12/30/50%
  • Dazzler enemy damage reduction: 15% ⇒ 10%
  • EDM Jax Spell Frequency: 7 ⇒ 8 sec
  • EDM Spell Effectiveness: 80/100/110/125% ⇒ 90/100/110/130%
  • EDM Frequency Reduction: 0/0/1/2 ⇒ 0/0/1/1 sec
  • Emo Mana Reduction: 20/25/30% ⇒ 20/30/40%
  • Emo Mana on Ally Death: 10/20/25 ⇒ 20/30/40
  • Emo 6 Piece Bonus AP: 20 ⇒ 10
  • Executioner base Critical Strike Damage: 5/25/45% ⇒ 5/15/30%
  • Executioner max Critical Strike Chance: 15/35/55% ⇒ 25/100/200%
  • Guardian max HP Shield Amount: 25/40/60% ⇒ 25/45/70%
  • Heartsteel NEW: Raise the Stakes! - Now after every 4 turns, you can cash out like normal OR you can choose to raise the stakes. If you do, your box turns golden and you are in high risk mode. You gain double the hearts, but if you win a combat, you lose 50% of your current total. If you manage to lose 8 times in a row, gain an additional 80 bonus hearts.
  • Heartsteel base Heart Rate: 100/250/600/1000% ⇒ 100/225/550/1000%
  • Hyperpop Mana Per Cast: 3/5/7/10 ⇒ 5/10/15/20
  • Jazz max HP Per Trait: 1.5/2/3% ⇒ 1.5/2.5/4%
  • Sentinel Base Armor & MR: 16/35/60/125 ⇒ 16/35/55/100
  • Spellweaver changed the 10 piece (Prismatic) to a 9 piece (Gold)
  • Spellweaver base AP: 20/35/60/200 ⇒ 20/35/70/120
  • Spellweaver AP per cast: 1/2/3/10 ⇒ 1/2/3/4


Annie does well with exact items that make her cast a bunch, but when she doesn’t get exactly what she wants, she throws a fit taking the form of bottom four—she is just a child you know. Her reliance on perfect items is due to how much power is in Disentegrate’s powered up state. We’re raising her pre-powered up form, and lowering that rapid fire state to help her control her temper, and maybe be happy with other items as well.

Nami will now cast more frequently, dealing more damage through a fight, but with a reduced stun duration, although that too should even out with how many bubbles she’s throwing.

For the remainder of the buffs here, we’re lifting the weakest 1-costs so that even they can one day dream of being a reroll carry. Special shout out for the Taric buff that should make this warm bodied tank a truly outrageous 3-star Disconaut.
  • Annie Disintegrate Damage: 195/295/440 ⇒ 220/330/495
  • Annie Disintegrate powered up Attack Speed: 50% ⇒ 40%
  • Annie Disintegrate powered up Second Disintegrate Damage: 115/170/255 ⇒ 80/120/180
  • Nami Mana buff: 15/75 ⇒ 15/60
  • Nami Disco Prison Stun duration: 1.5 ⇒ 1.25 sec
  • Nami Disco Prison now has a slightly lower mana lockout period to prevent cases of not getting mana for attacks at higher attack speeds (Rageblade at the Disco Nami is now online)
  • Olaf AD: 50 ⇒ 55
  • Olaf Berserker Rage Attack Speed based on missing 1% HP ratio: 0.12% ⇒ 0.15%
  • Tahm Kench AD: 60 ⇒ 70
  • Tahm Kench Armor & MR: 35 ⇒ 40
  • Taric Mirroball’s Blessing Damage: 100/150/225 ⇒ 250/375/565
  • Vi The Harder They Fall AD%: 220% ⇒ 330%
  • Vi The Harder They Fall empowered AD%: 320% ⇒ 450%
  • Vi recommended Items changed to Attack Fighter
  • Yasuo Synthesizer Strike AD per kill: 1% ⇒ 1.5%


Bard’s damaging notes (Doots) have more impact than his healing notes (Chimes), so we’re making sure he more reliably Doots on his foes than Chimes on his pals to raise his base power. That alongside a damage buff to his Doots will have Bard shooting and dooting his way to a Desperado collab.

While Garen Headliner has found success, his base form could use a Power-Up! We’re taking some of his Headliner power and putting it in the base to keep him more consistent.

Kai’Sa is very good at surviving and using Big Shot procs to finish out fights, but she could use better ratios to become a more reliable carry. We’re buffing her AD and AP scaling, so she can benefit more from the regular AD slams and AP from K/DA, Blue Buff, or Shojin.

With a nerf to Crowd Diver 6, reroll Katarina’s capped out board power has been lowered, and we’re compensating by giving some power back to her as AS.
  • Bard Improv Doot Damage: 190/285/430 ⇒ 200/300/450
  • Bard Improv will always cast 3 damage notes (Doots) and 1 healing note (Chime) while there is a valid heal target
  • Garen HP: 750 ⇒ 800
  • Garen Power-Up! HP gain: 200/215/230 ⇒ 215/230/245
  • Gragas Boogie Hour damage: 160/240/360 ⇒ 190/285/440
  • Kai’Sa Got the Boom AD%: 280/280/285% ⇒ 290/290/300%
  • Kai’Sa Got the Boom AP Damage: 30/45/65 ⇒ 40/60/90
  • Katarina AS: 0.7 ⇒ 0.75
  • Kayle Fires of Ascension empowered attacks bonus Damage: 35/50/75 ⇒ 35/55/80
  • Kayle Fires of Ascension final empowered attack Damage: 210/315/475 ⇒ 240/360/540


Ekko is the hardest unit for me to find every game, and that’s not just a “me” thing. His utility, tankiness, and traits make him a high-value frontliner in many comps, so we’re lowering his utility in a stun duration nerf that’ll hopefully make him easier to find, for all our sakes.
  • Ekko Record Scratch Stun Duration: 1.5 ⇒ 1 sec
  • Lux Laser Light Show Damage: 230/345/550 ⇒ 250/375/550
  • Mordekaiser Face-Melter Damage over 3 seconds: 200/300/480 ⇒ 220/330/525
  • Mordekaiser Face-Melter final Damage burst: 200/300/480 ⇒ 220/330/525


Ahri’s blowing kisses like they’re going out of style, so we’re asking her to chill a bit, and reducing her Attack Speed to slow down her cast rate.

Our Karthus adjustments are to make him better at cleaning up fights with less remaining enemies, while being slightly less impactful at the start of a fight.

Twisted Fate is already okay when he gets his narrow items and you’re able to speed level to 8 with a strong frontline. By allowing bonus AS to create even more cards, we’re opening up even more build paths. If you have a strong frontline and other sources of magic damage, opt for more AS to shred enemy MR and gradually take over fights.
  • Ahri AS: 0.8 ⇒ 0.75
  • Karthus starting Mana nerf: 40/120 ⇒ 30/120
  • Karthus Mortal Reminder number of targets: 5 ⇒ 4/4/6
  • Karthus Mortal Reminder Damage: 220/330/1000 ⇒ 270/405/900
  • Twisted Fate Hustle & Shuffle AS needed per 1 bonus card: 40% ⇒ 20%
  • Viego Riff of the Ruined King slam AD%: 200/200/400% ⇒ 225/225/450%
  • Zac Mana buff: 60/130 ⇒ 60/120
  • Zac Armor & MR: 60 ⇒ 70
  • Zac Let’s Bounce! Heal per bounce: 100/150/800 ⇒ 120/160/800


Lucian’s Arpeggio hasn’t been properly scaling with Attack Speed (which should increase the number of shots in his spell). But even with that taken into account we’d be remiss not to note his other weaknesses. More AD and a better AD ratio should make this Jazz Legendary worthy of three item slots.

Qiyana’s power ceiling (printing items while also being a very strong unit) has been enabled by her strong damage ratios. We’re lowering those, but also preserving her ability to copy multiple items at once to just her three-star form.

Oftentimes when we create a champion with multiple forms, one form becomes the dominant way to play, and we have to tinker with the other forms to keep them on par. This is that tinkering moment. Our goals with these changes are to have you select a Sona form based upon what your comp needs. Need more frontline—choose Kinetic. Need to empower your AD allies—choose Ethereal for Attack Speed. Need to do more damage, or amplify your other AP units—choose Concussive.
  • Lucian AD: 65 ⇒ 70
  • Lucian Arpeggio Shot AD%: 55/55/1000% ⇒ 60/60/1000%
  • Lucian Arpeggio spell now correctly scales with attack speed
  • Qiyana Sample & Remix AD%: 500/500/1000 ⇒ 470/470/1000%
  • Qiyana Sample & Remix Itemless additional True Damage: 75% ⇒ 60%
  • Qiyana Sample & Remix number of Items Copied: 1/2/3 ⇒ 1/1/3
  • Sona The Drop Kinetic (Heal Form) Heal per auto: 4/7/100% ⇒ 5/8/100%
  • Sona The Drop Ethereal (Attack Speed Form) AS per Auto: 25/35/500% ⇒ 20/30/500%
  • Sona The Drop Ethereal (Attack Speed Form) AS on Cast: 125/175/777% ⇒ 100/150/777%
  • Sona The Drop Concussive (Damage Form) AP per auto: 2/3/100 ⇒ 3/4/100
  • Ziggs AS: 0.8 ⇒ 0.85
  • Ziggs Chaos Theory smaller bomb Damage: 70/105/400 ⇒ 90/135/500


We’re taking another pass on our underperforming Headliners, while shipping two nerfs to accommodate the buffs to their base forms for Garen and Yasuo.

Gnar’s Headliner ability had him instantly transform, jump into the enemy team, and then get focused down. Delaying his jump should prevent this instant focus, allowing carry Gnar comps to lean more heavily into offense.
  • Evelynn: 100 HP & 15 AP ⇒ 100 HP & 20 AP
  • Olaf: 150 HP & 10 Armor/MR ⇒ 150 HP & 15 Armor/MR
  • Tahm Kench: 225 HP ⇒ 300 HP
  • Taric: 100 HP & 15 Armor ⇒ 150 HP & 15 Armor
  • Vi: 150 HP & 20% AD ⇒ 250 HP & 15% AD
  • Yasuo: 100 HP & 15% Omnivamp ⇒ 200 HP & 10% Omnivamp
  • Aphelios: 20% AD ⇒ 25% AD
  • Garen: 400 HP ⇒ 350 HP
  • Gnar: Jump slightly delayed to after initial enemy targeting
  • Gragas: 15% Damage & 10% DR ⇒> 18% Damage & 10% DR
  • Neeko: 200 HP & 20 Mana to Ally ⇒ 200 HP & 40 Mana to Ally
  • Zac: 200 HP & 15 AP ⇒ 300 HP & 20 AP
  • Kayn: 5 AP & Increased Rewards ⇒ 10 AP & Increased Rewards


With our changes to streak gold, Consistency has been dramatically nerfed, so much so that we have opted to disable the Augment completely instead of finding a cheap way to buff it.

While the stun duration on Crash Test Dummies has been lowered the delay on their initial jump will now result in stunned units targeting them (given that they are the dummies are the nearest enemies) once they come out of the stun.

Submit to the Pit (Mosher) is getting a rework that not only makes it more thematically relevant (Mosh with your pals), but also less awkward with constantly fluctuating stats.
  • Cybernetic Bulk I/II/III HP: 222/333/555 ⇒ 200/300/500
  • Best Friends I AS & Armor: 10 ⇒ 12
  • Consistency has been Disabled
  • Help is on the Way Turns to wait: 6 ⇒ 8
  • Rolling for Days I Rerolls Granted: 8 ⇒ 9
  • Rolling for Days I can now show up 3-2 and 4-2
  • Stationary Support Turns to wait: 7 ⇒ 8
  • Crash Test Dummies Stun Duration: 2 ⇒ 1.25 seconds
  • Crash Test Dummies jump delayed to after initial enemy targeting
  • Expose Weakness (Executioner) Shred & Sunder: 40% ⇒ 30%
  • Extended Play (Punk) now grants 2 gold whenever a Punk champion is 2-starred.
  • Heroic Grab Bag Gold: 2 ⇒ 4
  • Little Buddies HP: 90 ⇒ 75
  • Ramping Rhythm (Rapidfire) starting Stacks: 3 ⇒ 4
  • Return on Investment Rerolls required: 18 ⇒ 16
  • Submit To The Pit (Mosher) REWORKED: now grants the benefits based on nearby allies at the start of combat. 5 ⇒ 3 stats.
  • Teaming Up II now can only show up on 4-2
  • Three’s a Crowd HP per 3-cost: 80 ⇒ 75
  • Binary Airdrop now specifies that it will grant a recommended item. (No functional change)
  • Tiniest Titan+ Gold: 8 ⇒ 15


With a long patch full of data, feedback, and our own experiences climbing the Ranked Ladder, the live team has taken a pass on a large portion of our item roster. Nearly all AP items have received a buff, while many other items are receiving new features to make them more flexible.

Blue Buff and Red Buff have been the powerhouse core items that have enabled some of our most successful carries throughout patch 13.24. We’re lowering their power here and letting the champions they’ve enabled escape nerfs (Ahri being the exception with a small Attack Speed nerf).

Finally, True Damage Emblem has significantly raised the power and desirability of Spatulas—partially leading to the appeal of Open Forting for early priority on Carousel. We’re completely taking away its Bling Bonus of bonus True Damage, but they’ll still benefit from the base trait’s bonus.
  • Adaptive Helm Front Row Armor & MR: 35 ⇒ 40
  • Adaptive Helm Back Row Bonus AP: 15 ⇒ 20
  • Archangel’s Staff AP per 5 Seconds: 25 ⇒ 30
  • Bloodthirster now also grants 15 AP
  • Blue Buff bonus Damage on Takedown: 10% ⇒ 8%
  • Dragon’s Claw HP Increase: 5% ⇒ 10%
  • Evenshround Armor & MR for 10 seconds: 20 ⇒ 25
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate now also grants 100 HP
  • Hextech Gunblade base AD & AP: 10 ⇒ 15
  • Ionic Spark now also grants 200 HP
  • Jeweled Gauntlet AP: 30 ⇒ 35
  • Morellonomicon now also grants 15% Attack Speed
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap AP: 60 ⇒ 50
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap bonus Damage: 8% ⇒ 20%
  • Red Buff Bonus Damage: 8% ⇒ 6%
  • True Damage Emblem Bling Bonus removed


  • Jak'Sho the Protean (Adaptive Helm) Armor & MR: 45 ⇒ 60
  • Urf-Angel's Staff (Archangel) AP per 4 seconds: 35 ⇒ 40
  • Blessed Bloodthirster also grants 30 AP
  • Dragon's Will (Dragon Claw) HP Increase: 8% ⇒ 18%
  • Dvarapala Stoneplate (Gargoyle) now also grants 250 HP
  • Dvarapala Stoneplate (Gargoyle) base Armor & MR: 30 ⇒ 50
  • Hextech Lifeblade (Gunblade) AD: 10 ⇒ 30
  • Hextech Lifeblade (Gunblade) AP: 40 >> 50
  • Covalent Spark (Ionic Spark) now grants 400 HP
  • Glamorous Gauntlet (Jeweled Gauntlet) AP: 55 ⇒ 65
  • More More-ellonomicon also grants 25% Attack Speed
  • Rabadon's Ascended Deathcap AP: 110 ⇒ 70
  • Rabadon's Ascended Deathcap bonus Damage: 12% ⇒ 50%
  • Crest of Cinders (Red Buff) AS: 70% ⇒ 60%
  • Crest of Cinders (Red Buff) Bonus Damage: 10% ⇒ 8%
  • Royal Crownshield (Crownguard) starting Shield: 40% ⇒ 50%
  • Legacy of the Colossus (Steadfast Heart) base Damage Reduction: 9% ⇒ 12%


Small, like the chances of hitting 10 Spellweaver.


Prismatic traits are super strong and that’s a good thing for how rare they are. That being said, the new Portals make them less rare, so they need to come down in power to compensate. They will still be super strong.

With Country becoming a craftable Emblem, we’re nerfing the Dreadsteed’s (Hecarim) base resistances.
  • Country bonus Armor & MR for Hecarim: 0/20/60 ⇒ 0/15/50
  • K/DA bonus max HP & AP/AD: 10/15/22/50 ⇒ 9/15/24/40
  • Pentakill 10 - Bonus Damage: 110% ⇒ 99%
  • Superfan Ziggs Item: Archangel’s Staff ⇒ Spear of Shojin
  • True Damage 9 - Bonus True Damage: 125% ⇒ 99%


With 8-Bit getting its Gr8-Bit moment, we’re shipping a small compensation nerf to Corki.
  • Corki Blown to 8 Bits AD%: 320% ⇒ 300%
  • Evelynn Whiplash AS on cast: 120% ⇒ 150%
  • K’Sante Block the Haters base Damage Reduction: 30% ⇒ 25%
  • Lillia Mana buff: 70/140 ⇒ 70/130


Twitch is already finding success in a few narrow Augment dependent comps, so here we’re adjusting him to be more powerful in his more obvious go-to comp, Punk reroll, by improving his AD scaling.
  • Pantheon Too Tough To Kill Damage Reduction AP: 15% ⇒ 20%
  • Twitch Bottled Anarchy AD: 225% ⇒ 250%
  • Twitch Bottled Anarchy secondary shard explosions: 6 ⇒ 4


The numbers on this Lulu buff feel so clean, like a money machine.
  • Lulu Tastes like Glitter primary Damage: 240/360/575 ⇒ 250/375/600
  • Miss Fortune Double Time AD%: 270/270/275% ⇒ 280/280/290%
  • Neeko Cosplay Shield from Ally HP ratio: 5% ⇒ 6%


With more AD from 8-Bit, Caitlyn will still be A-hit.

Someone has to stop Poppy and tell her the name of her ability.
  • Caitlyn Champ Hunt AD%: 390/390/800% ⇒ 360/360/750%
  • Caitlyn Champ AP: 25/40/120 ⇒ 40/60/200
  • Poppy Hammer Time Heal per Hit: 6% ⇒ 5% of max HP
  • Thresh HP: 1000 ⇒ 1050


  • Endlessly Hoarding: Endless Hordes will no longer delete items from Training Dummies.
  • Fixed a bug where Karthus could target untargetable objects (like Zed clones)
  • Craftable Emblems will no longer roll into abyssal masks from Pandora’s Items or Reforgers in Double up.