The Greatest Hits Playlist of TFT Mechanics

Headliner, Portals, and more! Remix Rumble is bringing the greatest hits of mechanics to TFT!

It wouldn’t be a new set without a mechanics update, and for a set where you’re in charge of making your own mix, we’re giving you the greatest hits (of TFT mechanics) to mix with. Headliner brings an updated version of a fan favorite mechanic, Chosen, into the modern world of TFT. Portals continue for another set to make each stage feel different. Augments sound off with over 40 new beats Augments to play with. We’re taking TFT to LEVEL 10, alongside some changes to the number of units in the pool, drop odds, and more!

With so much to get into, queue up your favorite (reading) playlist and let’s get going!


Headliner lets any champion live out their dream of taking center stage. Headliners are our updated (dare I say remixed) version of Chosen: units that are purchased from your shop at 2-stars, offer an additional +1 towards a given trait, and have unique Headliner bonuses.

Fates brought one of the most beloved mechanics to TFT, Chosen, that dynamically shifted the way TFT was played. TFT has grown a ton since Chosen, with system changes to Items, mechanic updates like Augments, and just a higher quality bar when it comes to champions. To be able to bring back a favorite mechanic like Chosen, alongside all our new systems, adds a new level of depth and strategic skill to interact with the mechanic, creating more opportunity for “that one game I had…” stories. But we’re not just bringing it back. We’re updating the system to Headliners, which have unique bonuses, and a few quality of life improvements.

Beyond each champion having a special Headliner bonus, you’re going to immediately notice that every shop now has a Headliner in it (if you don’t have one already). Gone are the days of random chances to see Chosen units! Additionally, if you already have a Headliner, you’ll still see new ones every fourth shop, giving you the opportunity to pivot and upgrade throughout the game. Just remember, you’ll still need to sell your current Headliner to purchase a new one.

Now let’s take a look at some of those unique Headliner effects mentioned earlier. Every champion can be a Headliner, and every Headliner has a unique bonus. As a reminder, the numbers below are likely to change as we continue testing the Headliner attributes:

Illaoi Headliner effect: Illaoi gains 10 AP, 20 Armor, 20 Magic Resist. Her Spirit Tentacles now slam every 2 seconds instead of 3.

As a frontliner who can add frontliners to your board, Illaoi’s Headliner effect gives her more survivability and damage.

Lucian Headliner effect: Gain 10% bonus Attack Damage and add 3 additional shots to Arpeggio.

Lucian’s Headliner effect furthers the onslaught of shots by shredding armor on-hit.

Neeko Headliner effect: Gain 200 Health and when Neeko cosplays an ally, grant that ally 20 mana.

Neeko’s ability has her cosplay her highest Health teammates, gaining a shield equal to a portion of their Health before exploding onto the scene as her true self. But as a Headliner, Neeko doesn’t just cosplay a tank, she is the tank.

Blitzcrank Headliner effect: Gain 150 bonus Health. Additionally, Blitzcrank’s passive zaps also deal additional max health magic damage.

As Disco’s go-to 4-cost tank, a Headliner Blitzcrank won’t just be tankier, but also better at disposing of enemy tanks.

Sett Headliner Effect: Gain 250 Health. After dropping below 15% Health or dying, gain 50 permanent max Health.

If you’re running HEARTSTEEL & gaining econ (and sympathy) by losing fights, you might as well keep scaling up while you’re doing it.

Updated Portals

Similar to how Augments created in game variance, Region Portals gave us game to game variance that players quickly and overwhelmingly loved in Runeterra Reforged. But now that we’re including them in Remix Rumble, we’re making a few exceptions.

Portals as the focus of a set (Runeterra Reforged) were allowed to be pretty complex, and asked you to think about them throughout the entire game in many cases. Region Portals like House Lightshield with the volatile Crown of Demacia, Marcus Omegnum’s extra Tactician’s Crowns, or Noxkraya’s item hexes all dramatically shifted your game plan in unique and, at times, divisive ways.

With Remix Rumble, that focus is on Headliners, so Portals take on more of a supportive role, with effects that can still significantly warp the game, but with a lower ceiling than those of Runeterra Reforged. We’re also taking a more straightforward approach to naming them to ensure they’re easy to understand and remember. Additionally, there’s space for us to continue adding and changing Portals throughout the duration of a set, or over future sets! In fact, we have a few of those planned, but with their complexity, we think it’s best they wait till we’ve mastered the set a bit more.

Let’s hop into some examples for Remix Rumble:

Tier 3 Start: Start the game with a random Tier 3 champion.

Instead of starting with a Tier 1 unit, start with a Tier 3 (3-cost) one. This gives players a powerful ally in the beginning of the game that should provide some direction on what to play; or, for the more econ-minded players, feel free to sell your new friend to hit that first econ breakpoint more easily.

Pot of Gold: At stage 6-1, all remaining players split a pot of 120 gold.

Make it to the late game and get ready to roll down. Depending on how many players are out by 6-1, this can create some incredibly inflated economies.

Multi-Talented: Headliners additionally grant +1 trait bonus to another one of their traits.

This one is simple, but fun as it allows you to hit more and more trait breakpoints using just one Headliner. I’m a fan of making sure my Headliner is a carry, like Jinx (Punk, Rapidfire) for example, that can take advantage of both their traits with this one.


Training Dummy: Start the game with a training dummy.

One of our simplest Portals can give you a bit more frontline via a placeable training dummy.

Returning Portals: A few favorites from Runeterra Reforged will be making a comeback as well, such as: Scuttle Puddle, Increased Tactician Health, Double Item Carousels, Component Anvils, Gold Per Augment, and more!

New Augments

Since their introduction, Augments have played a vital part in making each set feel distinct game after game. For Remix Rumble, we’ve got over 40 new Augments and quite a few more returning from past sets to give you a whole lotta new instruments to work with. With our Remix Rumble Augments, we want to find a balance between our exciting and deep Augments versus allowing Augments that are too prescriptive of a specific comp, or complicated for the average player to enjoy.

Whether you love the wilder Augments, or you prefer the more simple stat focused ones, there are sure to be plenty more in each space to enhance your experience and help each game feel different than the last. Let’s check out some examples below, starting with one of our most wild ones, Blank Slate!

Blank Slate (Gold): Sell all champions on your bench and board for double their gold value. Your next 4 shop refreshes are free.

Blank Slate is the perfect Augment to make a rapid pivot. Are you being contested by two other players? Blank Slate! Do your items not work for your current comp? Blank Slate! WARNING: Expect to lose a combat or two as you rapidly pivot while sweating furiously rolling down for the units you want!

Too Big to Fail: Brawlers deal a portion of their maximum Health in Magic Damage to enemies within a 1-hex radius on death. If they survive 20 seconds of combat, this radius is doubled. Gain 2 Bruisers.

With new (and old) traits come some fun Augments to enhance their synergies. Having your mega tank become an explosive weapon based on their health feels like the right way to make this returning trait a bit more bombastic.

Crash Test Dummies: At combat start, your target dummies get launched to the largest clump of enemies, stunning nearby enemies for 2 seconds. Gain 2 target dummies.

It's all the things players enjoyed about Phony Frontline with the added benefit of getting to throw your toys at your enemies.

Shock Treatment: Gain a Statikk Shiv. Statikk Shiv’s chain lightning effect does 300% increased damage.

Get ready for the shocking return of Statikk Shiv stacking, now with even more electricity! Yellow rodents not included.

System Updates

Earlier in our Runeterra Reforged learnings article we mentioned that TFT was going to Level 10 (without the need for an Augment). Now we’re going to break that down a bit more, while also sharing even more changes to existing systems.

First off, leveling. In reworking our leveling system, we’re hoping to more firmly establish different leveling strategies, where rolling at each level feels distinct, e.g: rolling at level 7 is best to hit a 3-star 3-cost, and rolling at level 9 is best to hit specific 5-costs needed to cap out your comp. Rolling at level 10, well that’s where you can find me when I 3-star a 5-cost (manifesting this now). Okay, let’s check out the math!

It’s going to be slightly easier (4 XP less) to hit levels 6 and 7, while going to level 8 is 12 XP less, and going to level 9 is 4 XP less. To get to the new and coveted level 10, where 3-starring 4 and 5 costs becomes feasible, you need an additional 84 XP.

Now that we’re done with the math, let’s look at the odds—oh snap, probability is also math. Wait, are we just playing math? Anyways, check out the distributions below:


Cool right? Before we move on, these specific numbers might change as we implement more feedback from PBE. We’re also using the new set as an opportunity to bring two new items to TFT, which are replacing existing ones (these numbers will likely change too):


First up, we’re replacing Rapid Firecannon (Recurve Bow, Recurve Bow) with Red Buff—welcome back friend. While we liked the flexibility that pure damage amplification can give units, the bonus range that the item provided was too warping for some units—looking at you Nilah and Mordekaiser from Runeterra Reforged—while being irrelevant on others. Red Buff is still going to grant a bunch of Attack Speed (35%), but now it will also add a 1% max health Burn and 33% Wound (healing reduction) on targets for 5 seconds. It also comes with 5% bonus damage! We found that AD-heavy comps lacked the same access to healing reduction that AP comps had with Morellonomicon, so now if you don’t (or can’t) slam Sunfire Cape, there’s another way to keep your foes from feeling, and healing, too good.


Next there’s our replacement to Night Harvester (Chain Vest, Brawler’s Glove). Night Harvester was an interesting item, but it didn’t create a moment where using it led you to exclaim, “Ah, this is the best item here,” unless you were running Rogues. But with Rogues gone, the item lacks a champion that makes you want to prioritize Night Harvester over other items. But an even bigger reason to replace it is because Sparring Gloves currently doesn’t have a tanky item to make. Previously, Shroud of Stillness had utility value and slowed combat down with its delayed cast that created some pseudo-tankiness for your team. In bringing Steadfast Heart to TFT, we’re looking to give Gloves a tankier option, that’s also greedier than our current Support Item, Shroud of Stillness.

Steadfast Heart gives 200 HP, 20 Armor, and 20% Crit Chance, but the real value comes from the survivability passive: Take 8% reduced damage. While above 50% Health, take 15% reduced damage instead. With Steadfast Heart on your frontliner and Hextech Gunblade on a backliner you can keep your heartiest unit steadfast by keeping them at higher health.

Well if you made it this far, im sure you are ready to rumble… Remix Rumble! The set goes live on November 21st (one week from this article going live). There’s a bunch more to enjoy at the festival, some of which we talk about in our Gameplay Overview article, other info in our most recent Dev Drop, and even more to come!