The Skyglass Origins Event

How you can help Pengu rebuild the Skyglass and banish the Black Mist.

Reckoning has arrived, and the Black Mist has unleashed Chaos Pengu and their minions into the world.The Skyglass, a powerful relic contained in the Sacred Keep, has been shattered by the corruption. But not all hope is lost. Restoring the Skyglass will reveal hidden knowledge necessary to bring order back to this world. Pengu and the forces of Order are going to need your help to rebuild it. Once you do, they’ll be able to banish Chaos Pengu and the Black Mist once and for all.

How it Works

Play any game of Teamfight Tactics to complete special missions and rebuild the Skyglass piece by piece. Each mission you complete will unlock a piece of the Skyglass, which you can restore to learn about one origin from the world of Reckoning. You might even get some gameplay tips along the way!


The missions will be available from June 15th at 4:00pm BST to July 8th at

4:00pm BST. There are 15 missions total, each tied to a corresponding piece of the Skyglass.

The missions will need to be completed sequentially and will also give a reward. The initial missions will provide 10 Star Shards each, while the last three will provide a Magical Misfits Little Legends egg and two unique emotes.



Skyglass Origins is free to play. Just start by heading to the Skyglass Origins tab in the client, or checking out your missions tab. Remember: Pengu and the gang are counting on you to help them. So get playing, restore the Skyglass, and use its secrets to bring balance back to the Convergence!