TFT Treasure Realms - A New Portal to Personalization!

Out with the Egg, in with the new. Learn everything you need to know about TFT’s new loot system: Treasure Realms!

What Are Treasure Realms?

TL;DR - Treasure Realms are a large-scale upgrade to how you acquire TFT cosmetic content that will be replacing our current Egg-based delivery system. To get ahead of it, prices per item aren’t changing (390 RP / TFT Coins per item), but some drop rates & item categories are being adjusted to accommodate some major quality of life updates we’re making to the system. Read on for more details!


Just like Eggs, each Treasure Realm Bounty contains a unique selection of rare content: Mythic Arenas & Little Legends, base & Mythic Chibis, and more. However, unlike Eggs, Treasure Realms use a new generic currency - Treasure Tokens. Pricing per item is exactly the same as with Eggs (390 RP / TFT Coins), but now you’ll be able to pick and choose what content you want to go after, rather than buying a huge bundle and being stuck with extra Eggs after getting the items you were aiming for.

Treasure Realms also comes with some huge tech improvements, letting us bring back rotated content (like Astronaut Molediver & the UFO Sprite in our first release), giving players the option to open multiple rewards at once, adding a chance for base Chibis to drop in addition to being available in the Store, and a better guaranteed drop system for premium rewards, among others. For even more context and a full list of drop rates & other details, keep reading!

Why Are We Releasing Treasure Realms?

TFT wasn’t built in a day, but we didn’t have too much longer than that in the grand scheme of things. In addition to new Event modes like Fortune’s Favor and some exciting upgrades to events in the near future(!?), and our recent announcement on moving to three full set releases a year, 2023 is a huge year for our team, and a time of growth for the overall TFT experience.

Originally, Eggs helped create extra excitement & variability in cosmetic content in TFT beyond direct purchase. Additionally, the support we’ve seen from players since their release has also been a major contributor in giving our team extra resources to continue growing our team and the game. However, they’ve got a few cracks in the surface, most notably:

  • Bundles can feel counterintuitive - if you’re after a specific drop and you open it in your first few tries, it feels awkward to have an additional stockpile of Eggs.
  • The full list of items available in each Egg isn’t obvious at a glance.
  • It’s hard to keep track of how many Eggs you’ve opened, and many players aren’t aware of the guaranteed drop protection for featured items after opening a certain number of them.
  • You can only open one egg at a time, and it can feel pretty dang slow since the Egg animation is a bit outdated. Wouldn’t you rather behold a majestic visage of Urf popping open a gleaming treasure chest? I would, personally.

With Treasure Realms, our goal is to create a smoother, more rewarding experience for players who choose to invest in TFT, meaning we’ll be addressing all the above, and more:

  • Tokens are generic, meaning they can be used on any Treasure Realm Bounty. Our first release is centered around the upcoming Mecha Prime Zero Arena, but in the future, we’ll be offering a wide range of content through multiple Bounties at once, including rotated Mythic Chibis, Arenas, and others. If you’re a lucky Duckbill and you get all of the featured offerings for a specific Bounty, your extra Tokens can be saved and spent on a future release. Go ahead and save for the content you really want—there’s no expiration date here.
    • In the future, we might explore ways to offer special variations on Tokens that might offer unique loot, or be tied to events, but we’ll share more info on that in the future.
  • We’re adding a bunch of rotated content to Treasure Realms’ release, and we’ll continue to explore ways to rotate content to keep it fresh.
  • You can open one Treasure Realm Bounty at a time, or ten at once!
  • We’re adding additional bonuses & safety nets for players who unlock all available Star Content on a specific Bounty. We’ll dive deeper into this in the next section.
  • It looks way cooler. Sorry Eggs, but check this out:

Let’s Get Specific

With all the general info out of the way, let’s get a bit deeper into how Treasure Realms work:

  • Tokens can be purchased in quantities of 100 for 390 RP / TFT Coins.
  • Every Treasure Realm Bounty costs 100 Tokens for a single reward, or 1000 for 10 rewards.

Drop Rates - Using the Upcoming Mecha Prime Zero Bounty as an Example:




Drop Rate

Star Content

Rarest rewards, usually featured on the Treasure Realm Bounty banner

Mecha Prime Zero Arena


Highlighted Content

Rare new content & legacy rewards, including previously-rotated Pass+ items

New Overcharged Superlaser Boom, Astronaut Molediver, UFO Sprite, New Little Legend Variants


Standard Content

Wide range of previously-released Little Legends

Sugar Crash Dango, Honeybuzz Choncc, and many more


*Additional Details on Drop Rates, Guarantees, and Promise Tokens:

While each Treasure Realm Bounty will have a selection of unique rewards, Star Content are the primary draw for each one, so we’ve built some additional features & safety nets around them:

  • While the drop rate is a static X%, you’re guaranteed to receive one of the Star Content rewards on a Bounty after a maximum of 61 attempts.
  • This guarantee carries over between Bounties*. For example, if you purchase 50 Mecha Prime Zero Arena Bounties without receiving a Star Content reward, you’ll have 11 attempts remaining before a guaranteed piece of Star Content, no matter which Bounty you choose.
    • In the future, we’re considering other approaches like special Bounties that this guarantee may not carry over to, but we’ll have more info to share on those at a later date.
  • This counter is visible on the Treasure Realms page, and resets after receiving any piece of Star Content.
  • If you’ve already received all of the Star Content in a given Bounty and continue to pull rewards from it, reaching the guaranteed drop will instead reward you with a Promise Token.
  • A Promise Token can be redeemed to immediately receive Star Content from active Treasure Realm Bounties.

What’s Happening to Passes & Eggs?

With the release of Treasure Realms, we’re also going to be replacing Eggs on TFT Passes. Where you’d usually receive an Egg-based reward (i.e. level 4 on the current Monsters Attack! Glitched Out!! Pass), you’ll instead receive 100 Tokens, so you’ll be able to jump into Treasure Realms by playing games & completing missions during a set!

If you’re stockpiling Eggs, or if you’re just a big fan of them, no need to worry. Treasure Realms releases in patch 13.10 on May 17, but Eggs currently in the store will still be available until patch 13.12, releasing on June 14. After that, you’ll still be able to hold on to & open any of your remaining Eggs at any time.

Treasure Realms are heading to the 13.10 PBE very soon, so feel free to jump in and test it out for yourself! We’re excited for the launch, and we’ll keep everyone updated on everything else we have planned for Treasure Realms in the near & far future.

For more information, you can also check out this Player Support article on Treasure Realms!