Game Updates
Magic n' Mayhem Mechanics
A brief summary of the new and returning mechanics in Magic n’ Mayhem
Dishsoap is Crowned the Inkborn Fables Champion!
The Tactician’s Crown finds its new bearer.
Game Updates
Teamfight Tactics patch 14.14 notes
It’s our last patch of Inkborn Fables before our next set, Magic n’ Mayhem, takes off, so we’ve packed a patch full of surprises that are sure to create some novel comps and wild builds.
Game Updates
Magic n' Mayhem Overview
Master Magic n' Mayhem with info on the powerful traits at the Magitorium
TFT Dev Drop: Magic n’ Mayhem
From witches, to sugary treats, to bees—in Magic n’ Mayhem, all forms of magic are welcome.
The Next TFT Open Heads to Macao!
The global open-bracket event will take place Dec 13 - 15.
Dev Drop Teaser: When Magic Meets Mayhem
When magic meets mayhem, all bets are off.
Inkborn Fables Tactician’s Crown Primer
Here’s everything you need to know about the global event!
Game Updates
Teamfight Tactics patch 14.13 notes
It’s the Tactician’s Crown patch, so we’ve got small adjustments for live and Pengu’s Party.
/Dev TFT: Inkborn Fables Learnings
A reflection on Inkborn Fables with our Director of Game Design, Riot Mort.
Game Updates
Birthday Bash Tactician Showcase
Costumes are optional, but always encouraged.
Cake Crashers | Mini Cinematic - Teamfight Tactics
Celebrate TFT’s anniversary with a BOOM!