TFT Dragonlands Championship Qualified Participants, Drops, and More!

Tune into the Upcoming Championship on Nov 18 - 20.

The TFT Dragonlands Championship is finally here! From Nov 18 - 20, tune in to see which of the 32 best TFT players will walk away with the golden spatula and $150K USD. Viewers online will also have the chance to win Drops and participate in the first-ever TFT Pickems event!

Qualified Participants

The following 32 players have qualified through Regional or Last Chance Qualifiers to compete for the title of TFT Dragonlands Champion in the upcoming global championship happening on Nov 18-20.



  • Lelouch
  • Noel
  • Double61
  • L3s Coco
  • Deisik


  • XunGe
  • Kezi
  • YGQF
  • HuXin
  • Huanmie


  • Amde
  • Kyivix
  • k3soju
  • Rainplosion


  • good day
  • dongiri
  • My Paradise
  • Newt


  • vclf
  • Slooper
  • K0nda1


  • FantheQiqi
  • LifesBad
  • Fritz


  • holi
  • Title


  • Tamura77
  • Huey

Eastern LCQ:

  • Binteum
  • HereWeGo

Western LCQ:

  • Briks
  • Tex Summers


Viewers of the TFT Dragonlands Championship through Twitch and will have the opportunity to win exclusive Drops when watching the event!


Rewards will include the Choncc Roll Down emote and the Dragonlands Championship icon.


To earn Drops, viewers will need to connect their in-game accounts to Twitch to be eligible for the emote and icon. Viewers must also watch for a minimum of 2 hours on Nov 19 (icon) and Nov 20 (emote) to be eligible for the Drops.

To earn Drops, viewers will need to sign into with their TFT account to be eligible for the emote and icon. Viewers have the opportunity to win esports capsules on Nov 18, the Dragonlands Championship icon on Nov 19, and the Choncc emote on Nov 20.


For the first time in TFT Championship history, we will have Pickems! For details on how to participate, head on over to and check out this handy video:

Broadcast Schedule


The Championship will be streamed on Twitch and

  • November 18: 2AM PT / 11AM CET
  • November 19: 2AM PT / 11AM CET
  • November 20: 2AM PT / 11AM CET

Set 8 Showmatch

Tune in on November 20 before the final match to catch an epic showmatch between some of your favorite top-tier streamers!

Broadcast Talent

Catch these friendly faces (and voices) on the TFT Dragonlands Championship broadcast:


Check out and @tft for the latest updates!