Fates II Pass and More

The Festival of Beasts comes with Little Legends, arenas, bundles, and an all-new pass.

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The Festival of Beasts is coming soon, and with it a whole host of visual and audio delights! In addition to the tried and true pass, Little Legends, arenas, and booms, we're also throwing everything together into all-new loot bundles. Now you Choncc lovers will be able to meet all of your Choncc-related needs in one go.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. These Little Legends, arenas, and bundles will only be available for purchase until March 4th.

Here’s everything coming in patch 11.2!

Fates II Pass

The Fates II Pass will work the same as it has in the past: play games of TFT, complete missions, and earn XP to unlock emotes, and Little Legend eggs.

For even more rewards, you can purchase the Pass+ for 1295RP. You can purchase the Pass+ at any point during this set and you will retroactively receive everything you unlocked along the way. The Pass+ includes everything covered in the base Pass and more. Upon purchase you’ll also unlock the delicious, delightful, delectable Dumpling Sprite.*

*not edible

As you progress through the pass, you'll also unlock a whole host of booms,


A Porcelain Bellswayer and some Star Shards to boot,


As well as three exclusive arenas:


Lunar Revel Little Legends

At the Festival of Beasts, you’ll also celebrate alongside new variants of some of your favorite Little Legends:


Lunar Revel/Beast Shisa


Lunar Revel/Beast Furyhorn


Lunar Revel/Beast Choncc

These new Little Legends and their eggs release soon after the launch of Festival of Beasts with patch 11.2. Eggs will cost 490RP, and base versions of new Little Legends will be available for direct purchase for 925RP.


In addition to the Pass arenas, Festival of Beasts comes with two incredible interactive Lunar Revel arenas:

First there's Lunar City, sporting gorgeous rooftop views of the city’s streets, hologram parade, and lantern festival. You can explore this arena a little more to discover interactive shop signs, canal boats, steam vents, and more.


But if you wanna be where the real party’s at, Club 2 is the arena for you. In addition to interactive confetti cannons, stage VFX, and a dancing DJ with one rad septum piercing, Club 2 also comes with its own soundtrack.


Club 2 Soundtrack
Lunar City will be available for 1380RP and Club 2 will be 1900RP at launch.


We've bundled arenas together in the past, but this mid-set we're expanding on that idea in a big way. This time around we'll have five unique bundles available for purchase.

Want to experience the sights and sounds of the Lunar City arena? There’s a bundle for that. Are you a Shisa/Furyhorn/Choncc lover? They each have their own bundle that includes an egg and an exclusive boom. And, if you’re really looking to experience it all, the Mega Bundle has you covered.



What's in it

RP Price

Mobile Price

Fates II Pass+ Arena Bundle

Fates II Pass+

Lunar City Arena



Festival of Beasts 2021 Shisa Bundle

3 Lunar Revel Shisa Eggs

3 Lunar Beast Shisa Eggs

The Staff Lunar Revel Boom



Festival of Beasts 2021 Furyhorn Bundle

3 Lunar Revel Furyhorn Eggs

3 Lunar Beast Furyhorn Eggs

The Ox Lunar Revel Boom



Festival of Beasts 2021 Choncc Bundle

3 Lunar Revel Choncc Eggs

3 Lunar Beast Choncc Eggs

The Tangerine Lunar Revel Boom



Festival of Beasts 2021 Megabundle

Fates II Pass+

18 Festival of Beasts 2021 Eggs

2 Heroic Hatchling Eggs

3 Lunar Revel Booms

Lunar City Arena



Ranked Rewards

Last, but certainly not least, we'll be shipping out emotes for everyone who ranked between Gold and Challenger in Fates Stage I. They should arrive in your inventory soon after the launch of 11.2.

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