Glitched Out!! Gameplay Overview

Interdimensional rifts have brought new Champions and Traits into the city—let’s check em’ out!

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Starting March 22nd, fourteen new champions have entered the city of Spatulopolis via interdimensional rifts. Riftwalkers, InfiniTeam, and one nefarious Little Legend, Ultra Threat Whiskers, collide in a chaotic convergence that’s left Spatulopolis… Glitched Out!! As for here, we’re going to dive into the new traits and units, but to learn more about the mid-set mechanic you can clicky click click this clickey-click.


Amid reports of interdimensional rifts and monster attacks, InfiniTeam had the foresight to send an undercover agent disguised as a pizza delivery woman to infiltrate Spatulopolis. Their mission: to fix the timeline before it's too late.

InfiniTeam: The InfiniTeam opens a portal to another timeline. At the start of combat, any unit placed on the portal summons an alternate version of themselves with a different history and different item. The copies have reduced health and damage that increases at trait breakpoints.

As you reach deeper trait breakpoints, alternate timeline InfiniTeam units come with more max Health and more items!

Check out who’s come back from the future:

  • Lucian: Tier 1 Quickdraw, Renegade
  • Pantheon: Tier 1 Heart
  • Sivir: Tier 2 Sureshot
  • Shen: Tier 3 Defender, Hacker
  • Twisted Fate: Tier 4 Duelist, Spellslinger
  • Ezreal: Tier 5 Parallel, Sureshot

Our freshest vertical of heroes is so new, they’re from the future. Choosing which champion you copy is going to be core to finding success with InfiniTeam. With only two frontliners, giving your defensive items to Shen can overcome the comps weakness of a lack of frontline, but also have your opponents drop a question mark ping exclaiming, “What the flip, two Shens?” Add another Hacker and a Defender to your comp and you can throw Shen into the enemy backline, having them taunt nearby enemies and buy time for the rest of your team to wipe the board.

Of course, no comp is complete without a DPS threat, or two. InfiniTeam comes with two true carries in Twisted Fate and Ezreal, who we’ll talk about later. As for now, let’s see what’s in the cards for our time traveling card master.

Twisted Fate: Tier 4 Duelist, InfiniTeam, Spellslinger

  • Time to Duel!: Twisted Fate draws cards (increasing with star level) and begins drawing a card after every auto attack. After 3 seconds, Twisted Fate throws all drawn cards, each dealing damage. The final card thrown is a red card that deals damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Strategy: Twisted Fate loves offensive stats. A combination of Attack Speed and Ability Power will leave your opponent with no choice but to fold.
  • Ante Up: One of Twisted Fate’s Hero Augments makes it so your strongest Twisted Fate drops 1 gold every time he casts through his deck of cards. Upon dropping a certain amount of gold, Twisted Fate will drop an item component instead before returning to dropping 1 gold.


Riftwalkers may look intimidating, but they’re a group of heroes that’s actually looking to return order to the Convergence—and find their lost ally Zac.

Riftwalker: Riftwalkers open a gap between dimensions and summon their ally Zac, who increases in strength based on the star level of Riftwalkers. Zac also gains the last listed trait of the closest Riftwalker.

Here’s a list of Zac’s beloved owners and the traits they can give Zac:

  • Pyke: Tier 2 Hacker
  • Vex: Tier 3 Mascot
  • Jhin: Tier 4 Renegade

It’s worth mentioning that Riftwalker is also an Emblem, so using it can allow you to mutate Zac into even more traits! Riftwalker also brings an exciting new backline carry that is certain to amplify vertical Renegade play.

Jhin: Tier 4 Renegade, Riftwalker

  • Otherworldly Flourish: Passive: Jhin always attacks .8 times per second. He converts a portion of his bonus Attack Speed into Attack Damage. Every fourth shot instead fires a piercing bullet towards the lowest health enemy, dealing physical damage to all enemies in a line, increased based on their missing health. The bullet deals reduced damage for each target it pierces through.
  • Strategy: As a Renegade and a backliner, Jhin is able to fully utilize the Renegade damage amplification by surviving longer than his frontline fodder. No one is safe from Jhin if they drop to low Health. Be sure to give Jhin all your swords—I mean all of them.


You may recognize many of this trait’s champions. Recon was an unpopular trait in terms of player enjoyment, but its units were often slotted into popular reroll comps. We wanted to keep the trait’s units around, while breaking the trait up so that its units can find success with non-rerolling strategies.

Quickdraw: After every 2 ability projectiles, Quickdraw units fire a bonus ability projectile. Bonus shots deal modified damage that increases as you go deeper into the trait.

Think Mage, but with guns and you gotta shoot twice to fire the third time. Let’s reconnect with old friends and make a new one along the way:

  • Lucian: Tier 1 InfiniTeam, Renegade
  • Ezreal: Tier 2 Underground, Parallel
  • Kai’Sa: Tier 3 Star Guardian
  • Miss Fortune: Tier 4 Ace, Anima Squad

Carry Swaps

With our Monsters Attack! mid-set roster swap, we’re focusing on exchanging the core carries for many traits, while breaking apart some of our larger verticals into splashable and customizable teams. With that in mind, let’s see who's been rifted away, and what newcomers are here to stay:

Warwick: Tier 4 A.D.M.I.N., Brawler, Laser Corps

  • The Why: Warwick has administered quick defeat to Soraka. A.D.M.I.N has two too many Ability Power carries. By removing Soraka, and adding Warwick we allow the trait to be played regardless of the items you receive.
  • Empowered Kill Mode 2.0: Warwick roars, entering Empowered Kill Mode 2.0, causing his attacks to heal him for a portion of his maximum health for a few seconds. He then roots his target, slashing them repeatedly, dealing physical damage. If his target dies during this time, he will leap to a new target and slash again!
  • Warwick is back, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, doesn’t matter the day, because it’s Warweek every time you can get a Bloodthirster, Titan’s Resolve, and good A.D.M.I.N. combo.

Garen: Tier 4 Defender, Mecha Prime

  • The Why: Garen allows us to correct a design mistake we made with Sett too late in his design to fix. Sett was a unit who suffered from being good at everything: he had a ton of tankiness, a high damage ceiling, strong defensive scaling with his high Health pool, and solid Attack Damage scaling with his ability. With Garen we’re expecting much less damage than Sett, at the price of equivalent tankiness and AOE Crowd Control.
  • Justice Protocol: Garen brings down his sword on his target, dealing physical damage to them and enemies within 2 hexes and stunning them.
  • More than just a Mech: With AOE Crowd Control and the Defender trait we expect to see Garen splashed into comps in ways that you may have seen Sejuani fit into for Crowd Control. Garen’s ability also brings more value than an itemless Sett’s when used to trigger the taunt of Defender, or just stack some Armor against an AD heavy lobby.

Morgana: Tier 3 Threat

  • Soul Shackles: Morgana sends out dark bindings towards the 3 closest enemies, dealing magic damage and stunning them briefly. Enemies hit are Sundered and Shredded for a significant portion of their Armor and Magic Resist.
  • Sunder and Shred: As a true Nemesis, Morgana can be slotted in to take the front out of an enemy frontline. Position her near the largest clump of enemy front liners to maximize their uselessness and your own villainous laughter.

Aatrox: Tier 4 A.D.M.I.N., Brawler, Laser Corps

  • Soul Crush: Aatrox sucks the soul of nearby enemies dealing magic damage and gaining max Health. Then he unleashes his demonic form for the rest of combat, replacing his spell with The Darkin Blade.
  • The Darkin Blade: Aatrox slams his greatsword down in a line, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and healing himself.
  • Exzactly that: With the Riftwalkers finding their long-lost ally, Monsters Attack! was without a Health scaling, well… Monster. Like his blobby friend, Aatrox is especially strong with Warmog’s Armor, and Gargoyle Stoneplate to get even more out of his extended Health pool.

What the Flip, Two Ezreals?

When Spatulopolis was in trouble, Ezreal teamed up with the most competent, most handsome person of the past… himself.

Ezreal: Tier 5 InfiniTeam, Parallel, Sureshot

  • Alternate Ez-Realities: Ezreal shatters the timestream, calling in alternate reality versions of himself that each fire towards the largest group of enemies before vanishing!

  • Parallel: With their Parallel trait, Ultimate Ezreal, teaches his favorite member of the Underground how to make his ability, Rising Spellforce, hit all enemies in a line. Ultimate Ezreal will also get a buff with his handsome counterpart by his side, allowing his own spell, Alternate Ez-Realities to summon additional Ezreals from the timestream.
  • Wait, there can be EVEN MORE EZREALS? As the saying goes, there’s no ‘I’ in team, but there are three of them in InfiniTeam, a trait that can be used alongside Parallel to help you run three Ezreals. BUT, for the true Ezreal enjoyer (that’s all of us) stay on the lookout for LeBlanc’s Mirror Image Augment AND/OR Woodland Charm to create a team with 5 total Ezreals! Ezreally happening.

A More Flexible Mid-set

We’ve got a couple of new trait breakpoint changes and champion trait adjustments to allow for more flexibility and comp diversity for our mid-set.

  • Laser Corps (3/6/9) >>> (3/5/7)
  • Renegade (3/6) >>> (3/5/7)
  • Sureshot (2/4) >>> (2/3/4/5)

We’re excited to see how you flex with these more flexible trait webs!

There’s lots more gameplay to show off, but we’ll leave that to you to display in your ranked games. If you want to learn more about our mid-set mechanic update, new Hero Augments, and more check out this article. Finally, we know it can be hard to keep all the dates for our release straight amidst your important schedule, so we had an artist mock this up just for you!