Inkborn Fables Pass and More

Everything you need to know about the Tacticians, Arenas, and Passes for Inkborn Fables!

AuthorRodger “Riot Prism” Caudill
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Welcome to the boundless scrolls of Inkborn Fables. With this article, we’re just going to cover the release patch (14.6) cosmetic content, so if you want to check out more info on gameplay or our mechanic (Encounters), click those words. As a final reminder, much of our store (and Pass progression) begins on March 20th at 11 AM Pacific time despite the set releasing slightly before. Alright, let’s unroll the scroll and check out our release cosmetics!

Rotating Shop

In case you missed our recent Dev Drop, we’re introducing the Rotating Shop midway through Inkborn Fables. The Rotating Shop will have its own currency that you can get through Passes, Treasure Realms, and Events. This currency will allow you to directly purchase content from our changing selection of Rotating Shop content, which will range from classics of yester-set’s past to newer content, just arriving.

The goal for this update is to eliminate some of the randomness you see in Treasure Realms today, by giving more agency in selecting what you want from the Shop. Expect to see more information closer to its release!

Inkborn Fables Pass

With mid-sets a thing of the past, our Pass is once again split into two Chapters. Both Passes will offer different rewards, although they’ll share a few core components, such as Treasure Tokens and Star Shards. If you want to enhance your journey through Inkborn Fables, you can upgrade your Pass for even more treasures for 1295 RP. As a reminder, you can always wait to see how far you can get on the free version of the Pass before upgrading to claim all the rewards you’ve unlocked along the way. Speaking of rewards, let’s check em’ out!


While charting your journey through the Inkborn Fables Chapter 1 Pass+ you’ll meet various friends of myth and ink. Ink Sprite will greet you at the start of the Pass, inviting you to paint your own path, one comp at a time. Ink Sprite is available regardless of whether you’re on the free or premium Pass.


Next is our Pass Little Legend, Ink Squink. Squinks have always been interested in ink, but Ink Squink is the Squink that won’t blink to sink their ink into a canvas.


There are three other Little Legends on the first Chapter of our Pass+ as well. All Seeing Hundun can be seen early on in the Pass. Just don’t get caught staring too long into their eyes—those are eyes, right?


Spirit Blossom Kanmei Dowsie and Nebulous Hundun round out the Pass Tacticians in Spirit Blossom and cosmic style.



As you continue through your Pass+, you’ll earn Treasure Tokens, Star Shards, Emotes, the Shades of Sky Arena and Booms, in addition to the Little Legends discussed above, all leading up to the climactic Dreams of Earth Arena at the end of the Pass. So dreamy…


Heaven’s Celestial Court

Our latest mythic Arena brings you to a calming Koi pond. Breathe a sigh of relief in the early game as you accrue interest in the form of froggy gold mines. So relaxing…

But once things get going at Level 7, the board transcends into the Spirit Realm, where giant celestial fish circle the board, and the music shifts. Do you have what it takes to take top four from here? Of course you do! Heaven’s Celestial Court is available via Treasure Realms as Star Content from launch, and will be around until patch 14.10 brings something new!


Morgana may be known as the Fallen, but the only falling Chibi Morgana is doing is right into our hearts. Chibi Morgana can be purchased directly from the store for 1900 RP and comes with her own signature Boom, Soul Shackles, so you can stun your foes with defeat.

She’s just better. Who, you ask? Chibi Majestic Empress Morgana of course… just look at that finisher!

I’d hate to be on the other end of that death stare. Chibi Majestic Empress Morgana is available via Treasure Realms as Star Content from launch, and will be around until patch 14.08 brings something new!

With the return of Ahri as a Fated unit this set, you know we’re destined to have another mythic Chibi Ahri! Chibi Spirit Blossom Ahri is the perfect guide to lead your foes to the afterlife, and with her finisher, she’ll be doing just that.

Pick up the Chibi Spirit of Salvation (top fours) before she leaves Treasure Realms in patch 14.08.

New Little Legend: Hundun

Enter Hundun: this undefeated staring contest champion is soon to be the faceless champion of the Convergence. Hundun’s base variant can be purchased directly from the store for 750 RP, while their Epic variants can be bought directly for 925 RP, or found in various Treasure Realms! Check out the variants below: Base Hundun, Blooming Hundun, and Twin Spirit Hundun.




As a reminder, the Legendary tier Nebulous Hundun and All-Seeing Hundun are available via the Pass+.

New Little Legend Variants: Dowsie

Whether it’s by brush or sword, Dowsie’s new variants show that even the most bashful of mer-mages can merc you if you cross them…or contest their comp. Dowsie’s Inkborn Fables variants are available for direct purchase (925 RP), or as a drop from Treasure Realms. Check out their variants below: Shan Hai Scrolls Dowsie, Spirit Blossom Akana Dowsie, Immortal Journey Dowsie.





We’ve got one bundle here for the Morgana mains looking to rise up through the TFT ranks.

Majestic Empress Bundle
Chibi Morgana, Majestic Empress Soul Shackles Boom, and TFT Inkborn Fables Pass+ Chapter I

5695 RP/TC

Ranked Rewards and More!

If your mixtape was a success and you’ve climbed the Ranked ladder to prove it, we’ve got rewards for you!

First off, if you placed Gold or higher in Remix Rumble then you’ll get a celebratory emote to represent your rank and a Victorious Melisma to celebrate your success!


And for those of you remixing team comps as a pair, we’ve got Double Up emotes to flex your Gold or higher rank.

Finally, if you finish Green, Blue, Purple, or Hyper tier in Hyper Roll, then you’ll get another emote to rock out with!

Ranked Rewards will begin distribution on April 4th and finish rolling out in the following days.

Whether you’re here to see your ranked rewards, or check out the latest Chibi, thanks for reading and playing TFT. Inkborn Fables is our most content-packed set to date with its new mechanic and, of course, an entirely new roster. So if you’re looking for more on that stuff, be sure to click on the appropriate links. Otherwise, we’ll see you in Inkborn Fables with patch 14.6 on March 20th!

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