Items Regadgetized

Gizmos & Gadgets has allowed us to modernize our items. Learn all about the remastered items here!

With Gizmos & Gadgets we have an opportunity to update our existing items with our learnings from the item-heavy mechanics of TFT: Reckoning. Some items are getting a new look, while one we think so FONdly of is getting a new look and name. Finally, some items have been given new functionality to meet the modern setting of Gizmos & Gadgets!

Check out all the items with our updated Item Cheat Sheet below, and continue reading to learn the why behind the changes!


Items with a New Feel

Radiant items taught us about what makes items more enjoyable and feel impactful. The unique stats, additional balance levers, and cool new archetypes players enjoyed with Dawn of Heroes’ Radiant Items leave their mark as inspirations to the item updates below. Whether it’s adding more stats to an item, or completely reworking it, we’ll be keeping a close eye on these items throughout PBE and live, so expect the exact stats to change. Check out the updated items below!


Archangel’s Staff

Reworked: During combat, the holder gains 25 Ability Power every 4 seconds.

Why: Archangel's Staff has received a full rework leaning into the late-game fight-ending mage fantasy!


Banshee’s Claw

Reworked: When combat begins, the holder and all allies within 1 hex in the same row gain a shield that blocks the damage and effects of the first enemy Ability, up to 600 damage. Stacking Banshee’s Claw will increase the damage it can block but won’t increase the number of shields.

Why: Lacking balance levers, Banshee’s Claw landed in a spot where it could completely deny enemy spells regardless of how much power the spell had. This was especially the case for stacking Banshee's Claws, which could shut down single-target casters completely. Now, stacking Banshee's Claw will still be useful in preventing damage but won’t shutdown single target casters anymore.


Bramble Vest

New: Now grants an 80 Armor (including components)

Area of Effect Damage upon being hit by an attack: 80/100/150 >>> 60/80/120

Why: We’re sharpening Bramble Vest’s identity as the anti-physical damage item by dulling its ambient damage.



Reworked: Now grants 50/75/100 bonus Attack Damage (including components)

Why: The old Deathblade was difficult to balance around champion kits that stacked it efficiently, or champions that could easily pair it with a Runaan’s Hurricane. Now the blade is deadlier *and* bladier, giving you more AD based on your expected AD.


Dragon’s Claw

Adjusted Cooldown: 1 >>> 0.5 seconds

Adjusted maximum Health percentage Damage: 30% >>> 18% 

Why: Dragon’s Claw was too good against spam casters (like Ziggs) because the fireballs balled too hard, and the cooldown made it so repeat casters often got hit multiple times in a row. With this change, Dragon’s Claw will have a higher chance of hitting different units by proccing more often, but will do significantly less damage. Also, fireballs are cool, so why not have more?


Hextech Gunblade

Removed: No longer grants a shield for overhealing

New: Now additionally heals the lowest Health ally

Why: Radiant Hextech Gunblade was super fun, creating unique builds such as Brandbulance and Heal’Koz. So we’re bringing the Radiant upgrade to Gizmos & Gadgets, but taking away the overheal shield to keep it balanced.


Jeweled Gauntlet

New: Now additionally grants 10 AP

Why: Jeweled Gauntlet’s power is dependent on having AP to amplify it, so we’re giving the item AP as an additional balance lever while also strengthening the struggling item.



New: Now additionally grants 20% Attack Speed

Why: Quicksilver was incredibly powerful in TFT: Fates due to the amount of crowd control and the strength of melee carries, however it never had its time to shine in Reckoning, due to the lack of CC in the set. With the addition of bonus attack speed, Quicksilver’s power is less reliant upon the amount of crowd control in the set and can be adjusted easily if it becomes too powerful or weak.


Runaan’s Hurricane

New: Now additionally grants +10 AD

Removed: No longer procs on-hit effects

Why: On-hit effects can be difficult to balance from set to set, as they’re dependent on the individual champion’s kit. Runaan’s Hurricane was often in a place where it was incredibly powerful on a select few champions and so-so on everyone else. While it’ll still be an item for AD carries, our adjustments here will allow for finer balance controls and more use cases for the item.


Statikk Shiv

New: Now additionally grants 15% Attack Speed

Why: Like Runaan’s Hurricane, but worse, Statikk Shiv has struggled apart from a few niche comps. Giving it more useful stats should allow for this item to find a footing as the Attack Speed item for magic damage comps.

Items with a New Look

Finally, some items have been adjusted visually to be more readable and authentic to Teamfight Tactics. The big one here is our conversion of Force of Nature to Tactician’s Crown. Tactician’s Crown has the same functionality of Force of Nature, but now we have separated it from its League of Legends counterpart, a Magic Resistance tank item that bears no context on the Convergence. Other items such as Titan’s Resolve, Hextech Gunblade, and Statikk Shiv have received slight icon updates to make them more readable in fights. Finally, items like Zeke’s Herald, Ionic Spark, and Dragon’s Claw have had their visuals updated to stand out more amongst other items as well as represent their power!

As with all changes, there’ll be a slight learning curve with the new icons, but we see the readability of the updated art (as well as the rad-ness of the Tactician’s Crown) as a long term win for TFT players.