Lunar Festival 2024 Cosmetics and More!

New Chibis, a dragon-clad rooftop Arena, and new Passes! Read all about the new cosmetics on 14.02.

“Wishing you a Lunar New Year that’s out of this world!”

- The TFT team as we bring back our Galaxies mid-set

Alright, we didn’t bring back Galaxies during our Lunar Festival event just so I could use that line (we brought it back for several other one-liners… brace yourself). But to further celebrate the festivity, we’ve also brought a number of cosmetics that are sure to leave your loadout looking stellar! Chibi Sona, Chibi Porcelain Lux, the Golden Dragon Skyscraper, and more all arrive shortly after patch 14.02 goes live! All Lunar Festival themed cosmetics will be available from patch 14.02 until their deactivation on Feb 22nd at 11AM PT, just after the conclusion of the event with the end of patch 14.03 (Feb 20th). For the rest of this article I’ll be breaking down just how you can celebrate in style, so let’s make like our new year resolutions and keep on going!


First up is our second ever Event Pass, the Lunar Festival Pass! This special 575 RP Pass grants you access to three new Booms, Lantern Prancie, the Prancie’s Retreat Arena, 200 additional Treasure Tokens, and more across 16 Levels. The Pass also has free rewards including 100 Treasure Tokens, Star Shards, and Emotes! Let’s take a closer look.


Looks like there’s such a thing as too many red envelopes…


The Pass is similar to our standard set Passes, as you’ll unlock new thematic content as you play and collect XP. The Event Pass is shorter both in length and tracked milestones since it will only be live during our event. The Event Pass will have separate XP from the Remix Rumble Act 2 Pass (see end of article), meaning that Event missions will only progress the Lunar Festival Event Pass.



While all Chibis discussed here will be released globally alongside the event, the booms designed for Chibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin and Chibi Porcelain Lux will be released first on TFT’s China server, then make their way to all other Riot regions in a future patch. Chibi Guqin Sona’s boom is available globally via Maven of the Strings bundle (see final section).

Chibi Sona and Chibi Guqin Sona

Baby girl has finally arrived, and she’s more baby than ever! Chibi Sona can be purchased directly for 1900 RP and she’ll come with her own boom, Crescendo, that’ll prove even small-scale Sona knows her scales.

Sona will also have a festive Mythic variant available as a Star Content drop from Treasure Realms: Chibi Guqin Sona. In addition to a new instrument, Chibi Guqin Sona also comes with a finisher that proves plucking the Guqin is just as easy as plucking her opponents off the Convergence.

Chibi Porcelain Lux

The only thing that shines more than freshly polished porcelain armor is a blast from Lux’s staff.

Chibi Porcelain Lux is available as a Star Content drop from Treasure Realms and comes with her own finisher, seen below.

Chibi Porcelain Lux will enter Treasure Realms a bit later with patch 14.03, and will leave alongside the rest of the Lunar Festival content on the final day of the patch.


Chibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin is the only Chibi that can punch someone so hard that they not only break through a mountain, but also rip their own shirt off in the process. If that sounds confusing, just watch it here.

Chibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin is available through Collector’s Bounties (450 Treasure Tokens) until the end of patch 14.3 as a 2.5% drop.

Collector’s Bounties have an additional 2.5% drop rate for Star Content; for Lee Sin, that means the following drops: Chibi Firecracker Jinx, Chibi Panda Annie, Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo. Collector’s Bounties have a 45% chance for Highlight content which includes base Chibis, and Tacticians like Baron and Poro. The remaining 50% of drops are standard Collector’s Bounties drops composed of 3-star Legendary Little Legends, as well as Mythic Little Legends.

If you have not received it before 30 tries, the 30th open of the Collector's Bounty will guarantee Chibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin. You can only open a maximum of 30 Collector’s Bounties. Also please note - for players who unlock base Chibis through this Collector’s Bounty, they won’t come with their unique Booms right away, but we’ll be granting them to players retroactively in a future patch.


Fireworks, rising lanterns, Little Legend lanterns, and a giant golden dragon that emerges at the start of the game?! The Golden Dragon Skyscraper is packed full of TFT references and festive revelations.

Complete with win and loss streak animations, clickable fireworks, and progression as you level up, the Golden Dragon Skyscraper is only available as a Star Content drop from Treasure Realms!


New year, new fit, new Prancies! Check out their variants below: Liu Li Prancie, Porcelain Prancie, Royal Prancie, Lotus Prancie.


Note: Lantern Prancie (second to last row) is available via the Event Pass

Each variant discussed in this section is Epic tier and can be purchased from the shop for 925 RP, or found in various Treasure Realms! Note that Lantern Prancie is available in the Event Pass.


First, a refresher on why we split the Pass in two: With three sets a year, we no longer have a mid-set to reset our Pass. And with longer sets, we were faced with releasing one long Pass at a higher price point, or dividing our Pass into two acts. Our Pass+ has always been a lower cost item that stretches your RP to the fullest, so we’ve opted to do two more Passes, with faster progression and different rewards to keep the identity of the Pass+ as this opt-in lower cost item for when you’re putting in a lot of games.

As per usual, each Pass has a 1295 RP upgradeable version that’ll grant you extra access to Arenas, Tacticians, and more! And if you want to see how far you can get on the free version of the Pass—that’s all good, as you can always upgrade at a later point to claim all your rewards. Okay, time to check those rewards out!


The Remix Rumble Act 2 Pass and Pass+ activate at 11 AM PT on January 24th (when Patch 14.02 goes live). The Act 2 Pass+ comes with a total of 600 Treasure Tokens, 400 Star Shards, and a party of fun Booms, Emotes, and Tacticians.

With our Pass+ Act 2, you can go see where Yasuo concocted True Damage’s demos in the True Damage: Sound Studio or kick it with Yorick at the Pentakill: Backstage.



Those are the perfect settings to try out the Pass’s new Booms: Max Volume and Guitar Smash!

The Act 2 Pass also has Mixmaster Umbra, a Legendary Umbra variant inspired by the colors of EDM and the performance of Mixmaster Sona that’ll come with Act 2.


As far as Tacticians go, the Act 2 Pass+ also comes with a Legendary Little Legend Egg and our sweetest Poro, Sugarcone Poro!





Maven of the Strings Bundle

Chibi Sona, TFT Lunar Festival 2024 Event Pass, Guqin Crescendo Boom

3975 RP/TC

May your fortune this new year be as expansive as the Galaxies! Oh, speaking of, our first set revival is almost here. Check out our Talking Tactics article about it here!