Lunar Legend Festival Tacticians (and More!)

What you need to know about new content coming in Gifts of the Golden Lantern!

Everything you can get your hands on during the Gifts of the Golden Lantern event.

It ain’t a party unless you have something (and someone) to celebrate with. And since patch 12.2 (live January 20th 11AM PT) brings our first Lunar Legend Festival event, we sure have a lot to celebrate! But first, let’s talk logistics.

Gifts of the Golden Lantern

Each year, Tacticians from all over the Convergence come together to celebrate the new year with feasts (featuring Choncc’s dumplings, of course), gifts, aaand the occasional explosion! This year, the celebration comes with a new, interactive Event: Gifts of the Golden Lantern! In this article, we’ll be going over all the new Tacticians (and other content) joining the celebration. If you want to learn more about how you can participate in the Gifts of the Golden Lantern Event, and get free stuff by doing so, click here.

A Mythic Protector for the Collector!

Stoic and brave, Year of the Tiger Protector has a lot on their plate. They’re constantly practicing their lion dance for the festival to ensure it’s nothing less than purrfect. But aside from that, they also have their own custom animations and sound effects—they’re quite talonted on the guzheng.

You can recognize Year of the Tiger Protector’s greatness only by obtaining them as a rare drop through the purchase of 2022 Year of the Tiger Eggs (390 RP), of which you can get 31 of in the Year of the Tiger Egg Bundle for the price of 25. Read more about our bundles and reach rewards here.

Hijinks with Chibi Firecracker Jinx

Chibi Firecracker Jinx loves fireworks, and Duckbill’s obsession with caution, safety, and protecting the environment just makes her like fireworks even more!


Looking to cause some trouble? Chibi Firecracker Jinx is our first Chibi Champion with a skin, hence her status as a rare drop in any Festival Firecracker (490 RP). We also have two bundles full of Festival Firecrackers and much more that you can read about here! To get the Super Mega Firecracker boom, you’ll have to opt for the Megabundle that’ll also give you loads more content, including the Golden Tiger Market! But even if you aren’t going to be buying Festival Firecrackers or bundles, you’ll have a chance at getting Chibi Firecracker Jinx just by participating in the Gifts of the Golden Lantern event, which offers a free Festival Firecracker in addition to quite a bit more content.

Park it at the Golden Tiger Market

With its own music, entry animations, custom gold mine, and friendly dragons, Golden Tiger Market is the place to be during the Lunar Legend Festival. I’d say more, but I’d rather just show you.

With the most bells and whistles (Firecrackers and festivities?) in any arena to date, the Golden Tiger Market is available only through the Lunar Legend Festival 2022 Megabundle. To explore the loads of content to be found at the market and in the Megabundle click it here.

Duckbill and Chill at the Festival

Duckbill is trying to keep it all together at the Lunar Legend Festival, but there’s just so much to worry about: the firework shows, getting Dowsie off their phone during the event, Dango being Dango, and their helicopter, the Hopecopter 3000 missing a key component! But despite all the stress of the festival, Duckbill knows that if they’re surrounded by friends and family, it’ll be alright. Catch the Lunar Legend Festival Duckbill variants below: Most Festive Duckbill, Jade Dragon Duckbill, Lunar Scholar Duckbill, Firecracker Duckbill, and Mischief Maker Duckbill.

You can directly purchase these festive Duckbill(s) from the shop, or find them in a Festival Firecracker anytime you wanna Duckbill and chill.

Tango with Dango

Heck yeah, it’s a bunch of Dango variants!!! Let’s go! I mean… *stifling excitement* Dango’s at the Lunar Legend Festival to win it all! Their heart is set on winning the festival’s golden loot orb, which will take precision and skill that, frankly, they just don’t have. But what they lack in talent, they make up for in locomotion through repeatedly rolling over their face—and as far as I know, there’s no better way than that to win over the heart of a TFT player that can lend a helping hand. Roll through the new Dango variants hitting the store below: Porcelain Dango, Lucky Lantern Dango, Firecracker Dango, Lion Dancer Dango, and Fiercest Dango!

Dango is available to roll down and around with by direct purchase or as a drop via a Festival Firecracker.

And Now See Dowsie

For Dowsie, the only thing more important than what Tacticians say about the festival this year is what they have to say about Dowsie. That’s why they’re taking care to make everything look spick n’ span, and taking selfies in only spots with the best lighting. Careful when complimenting their fab drip though, they may think their hot-pot-hat is leaking. Check out the Dowsie’s festive variants below: Porcelain Dowsie, Fortune Dowsie, Lucky Noodle Dowsie, Extra Spicy Dowsie, and Sweet Petal Dowsie!

Hungry for hot pot? Then go get some, but if you want Dowsie you can find them in a Festival Firecracker or get your favorite via direct purchase.