Prestige Is Coming to TFT

Prestige Tacticians are coming to TFT! Get the full rundown on our plans for Prestige in TFT here.

TL;DR: Prestige Tacticians are coming to TFT, and Prestige Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo is making his debut as TFT’s first Prestige release. He’ll be releasing first on TFT’s China server, then making his way to all other Riot regions in 2024. For more detailed information, including more context on the split regional release, please read on below!

What Are Prestige Tacticians, and How Do You Get Them?


Prestige is a new tier of Tacticians coming to TFT! These Tacticians are designed for players who want to dominate the Convergence in style, and ensure everyone in the lobby knows who’s voting for Stillwater Hold.

All Prestige Tacticians come with brand-new splash art, visual effects, and their own unique finisher animation.

TFT’s first Prestige Tactician is Prestige Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo. He’ll be launching first on TFT’s China servers in the coming days, then making his way to TFT globally in 2024.

Before that though, we have another Prestige Tactician making its way to TFT later this year along with our next set, and they’ll be available in a limited-time (tentatively-named) Collector’s Treasure Realm Bounty, which we’ll get into next.

Plans for Collector’s Bounties & Beyond

We’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit, but Collector's Bounties are ultimately a short-term solution. We're working on a brand-new system that we're internally calling a 'Seasonal Store' with the goal of increasing personal agency and targeting of specific cosmetics, including Prestige Tacticians. We're still early on here, but we'll share updates as it comes together next year! For now, here’s some details about Collector’s Bounties:

  • TFT’s first Prestige Tacticians outside of China will be available exclusively in a Collector’s Bounty - later ones will be released through the Seasonal Store.
  • Opening the Collector’s Bounty costs 450 Treasure Tokens.
  • Star Content (i.e. the featured Prestige Tactician) will have a 2.5% drop rate, and is guaranteed after opening 30 Collector’s Bounties if you haven’t gotten it yet.
  • The pool of content available in the Collector’s Bounty is a curated selection of high-rarity cosmetics, and includes a selection of previously-released Mythic (skinned) Chibis, as well as base Chibis and Legendary/Mythic Little Legends.
    • Our first Collector’s Bounty will have the following Mythic Chibis in the pool: Dragonmancer Ashe, Star Guardian Lux, PROJECT Zed.

Collector’s Bounties are perfect for players who are looking for the exclusive Prestige Tactician, a horde of premium cosmetics, or to target a Mythic Tactician they may have missed in the past.

Are Prestige Tacticians all Based on Existing Skinned Chibis?

The short answer is no - we decided on making Prestige Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo for a few reasons. As our first Tactician with a finisher animation (and because Yasuo was already a pretty popular champion to begin with), Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo ended up being an extremely popular Tactician; it felt right to commemorate him as our first Prestige.

Looking towards the future, though, we’re planning on making Prestige Tacticians based on existing base Tacticians, but with variants yet to hit the Convergence. You’ll get a look at our first new Prestige Tactician later this year with the release of our next set!

Why Isn’t Yasuo a Global Release?

This is a bit more complicated, but we’re splitting the release of Prestige Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo between China & our other regions since we need some more time to complete development of our distribution systems globally. We have a different tech foundation to work off of in our China server, and that server also has different content distribution systems that are built for the local market, so they have the technical ability to launch sooner than other regions.

Since Prestige Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo has completed development before we’re ready to launch globally, we decided to launch him in China first to coincide with a milestone celebration for their Esports scene, and follow that release globally early next year. We know this isn’t an ideal experience for players globally who are looking forward to the release, but we wanted to at least be transparent about the rationale behind it, and assure everyone that Prestige Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo will be coming to your region as well. Thanks for all the support, and we’re excited to see all the shiny new Prestige Tacticians hit the Convergence around the world in the near future!


  • How will Collector’s Bounties use or affect guaranteed drops from normal Treasure Realm Bounties?
    • Collector’s Bounties guaranteed drop chance will be separate from other Treasure Realm Bounties, i.e. getting the Star Content on a Collector’s Bounty won’t reset other Bounties, and vice versa.
  • What previously-released Chibis & Mythic content will be available in a Collector’s Bounty?
    • Each Collector’s Bounty will contain one brand new Prestige Tactician, as well as a curated pool of high-value previously-released Tacticians, including Little Legends, Chibis, and Mythic Chibis.
  • Can you get or use Promise Tokens from Collector’s Bounties?
    • No, Promise Tokens are only earnable & redeemable in non-Collector’s Treasure Realm Bounties.
  • Give me more details about the Seasonal Store!
    • As mentioned, we're still very early on here, even with regards to the ‘Seasonal Store’ name, but it’s intended to be a long-term solution for TFT cosmetic distribution, including Prestige Tacticians. We’ll share updates as this comes together next year.