Teamfight Tactics patch 13.24 notes

13.24 is our first patch of Remix Rumble with nerfs to Jazz and Superfans, and a band-load of buffs for underperforming champions! It also brings new Chibis Akali, and Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa.
What’s cooking DJs?

Welcome to our first patch of Remix Rumble. This is an important one as it’s the patch the TFT Vegas Open will be played on, so we’re focused on bringing down our clear winners (Jazz, Country, Superfan, etc.) of the opening patch and lifting the sorest of losers (Yasuo, Yone, Viego, etc.). We’re purposefully avoiding big swings ahead of TFT’s first LAN tournament, the TFT Vegas Open, but expect a follow up patch before the end of the year to keep the meta diverse and genre-inclusive over the break.

In addition to the balance changes, we’ve got new Tacticians arriving just in time for you to style on your opponents at Vegas, or on a second monitor while watching the TVO… can you tell that I’m hyped for TVO? Say hello to Chibi Akali, Chibi Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa, Drip Drummer Choncc, and Power Chord Ao Shin!

Wanna know more about TVO—well, I’ll be there so be sure to say hi! Oh, you need actually useful information? Okay, in that case our esports pals gotcha here.
Rodger "Riot Prism" Caudill

Mid-Patch Updates


With our first global LAN, the TFT Vegas Open, behind us, the balance team has set their sights on creating a stage where any band (read: team comps) can shine! Since this will be our last patch before the new year (patch 14.1 goes live on Jan 10th), we’re focusing on smaller changes primarily aimed at buffing things that aren’t quite working yet.


Hitting Level 9 should be typical when you’ve got your econ dialed, which is why we don’t want Level 9 to guarantee you a 5-cost Headliner. Instead we want it to feel like it's where you get 4-cost Headliners, and, similar to when you hit a 5-cost at Level 7, it feels like a high-roll when you hit a 5-cost Legendary, so much so that you may adapt your comp just to fit it in. We're going to test out how these new odds feel, and it’s possible we go to 0% 5-cost Headliners at Level 9 if needed.
  • Headliner odds at Level 9: 0/0/0/90/10 0/0/0/98/2


Whether it’s as impactful as making 5 Spellweaver a significant jump from 3, or just nudging 6 Bruiser by 5% bonus HP, we’ve gone through and buffed all the traits that have struggled to find their place in our first two patches.

As our hardest trait, with two uncraftable Emblems and a Headliner being required, Spellweaver 10 must be the most powerful trait—which is why we’re adding another 80 AP for each of your Spellweavers.
  • Big Shot Base AD: 10/15/25% 10/18/30%
  • Bruiser bonus HP: 20/45/85% 20/45/90%
  • EDM base Ability effectiveness: 80/90/100/120% 80/100/110/125%
  • EDM Jax frequency Timer: 8 7 sec
  • EDM Zed frequency Timer: 7 6 sec
  • Mosher Base AS: 20/30/50% 20/40/60%
  • Rapidfire AS Per Stack: 4/7/12% 4/8/14%
  • Spellweaver AP Per Cast: 1/1/2/10 1/2/3/10
  • Spellweaver 10 Base AP: 120 200


With her stun and sunder being somewhat unreliable, Vi’s been more of a crowd-pleaser than a crowd-controller. So while we’re not going to increase the reliability of that CC, we are giving her more opportunities to swing those fists with a lowered max mana and increased survivability.

Even though True Damage has climbed the charts, Yasuo has remained a reroll carry that has yet to carry. We’re giving him more survivability and a better AD ratio so you can stack more effectively early, and utilize those stacks better in the late game.
  • Vi Mana buff: 40/80 40/70
  • Vi Armor & MR: 40 45
  • Yasuo HP: 600 650
  • Yasuo Spell AD ratio: 290% 300%


A few community guides to playing frontline Twitch (with healing items and Titan’s Resolve) have utilized his scaling with both AD and AP, as well as his durability from Punk. While we’re not convinced that’s the best way to play Twitch, we want to lean into it more by making Twitch a bit more durable via resistances which increase the effectiveness of HP shields from Guardian and Omnivamp. So go ahead and run the most musophobic (fear of rats) comp we have to offer and slam that BT on your frontliner with a 4-hex range.
  • Gragas Boogie Hour Damage: 150/225/350 160/240/360
  • Kayle Fires of Ascension On Hit Damage: 30/45/70 35/50/75
  • Kayle Fires of Ascension Finale Damage: 190/285/430 210/315/475
  • Twitch Armor & MR: 20 25
  • Twitch Bottled Anarchy AD ratio: 200% 225%


With a better AD ratio on Poppy’s ability, note that you’ll still want to itemize Health stats to take advantage of her AD increase from bonus Health. And if you want to make this sad Yordle even happier, remember that Sterak’s Gage is her favorite!
  • Poppy Hammer Time AD ratio: 240/240/500% 260/260/525%
  • Zac HP: 1000 1100
  • Zac Mana buff: 60/160 60/130


Sona’s Attack Speed form has proven the no-brainer click, but this Mixmaster is ready to mix things up, so be sure to try her other tracks as well!
  • Sona Ethereal (AS Form) On Hit MagicDamage: 90/135/777 75/115/777


It’s all buffs. Except for you Qiyana…sorry sis.
  • Nami: 20 AP 25 AP
  • Olaf: 75 HP, 10 Armor & MR 150 HP, 10 Armor & MR
  • Vi: 150 HP, 10% AD 150 HP, 20% AD
  • Gragas: 15% Damage, 8% DR 15% Damage, 10% DR
  • Pantheon: 200 HP, 20 Armor & MR 250 HP 20 Armor & MR
  • Riven: 100 HP, 10 AD 10 Armor & MR 200 HP 10 AD 10 Armor & MR
  • Blitzcrank: 150 HP & Passive damage always on 200 HP & Passive damage always on
  • Poppy: 150 HP, 10 AD 200 HP, 15 AD
  • Thresh: 100 HP, 25 Mana Reduction 250 HP, 25 Mana Reduction
  • Qiyana: 5% AD & 5% per copy 5% AD & 2% per copy
  • Ziggs: 5 AP & 5 Mana Reduction 5 AP & 15 Mana Reduction


We’re opening up Blue Buff as a more versatile item by giving it a small amount of AD. You should expect this to be a much better option for champions like Kai’Sa, Jhin, and Ezreal. This alongside a small nerf to Spear of Shojin should keep these items closer in power and make you think about building each item based on the champion’s mana pool, or your access to Attack Speed, rather than just because one is better than the other. Our nerf to Blue Buff’s damage amplification is to compensate for fixing a bug where it was not correctly applying.

Remix Rumble has seen Runaan’s Hurricane downgraded to a tropical storm. With a bit more AD, maybe you’ll think twice about forgetting your Runaan’s Umbrella.
  • Blue Buff now also grants 20% AD
  • Blue Buff Damage amplification on takedown: 15% 10%
  • Blue Blessing (Radiant Blue Buff) now also grants 60% AD
  • Blue Blessing (Radiant Blue Buff) Damage amplification on takedown: 25% 20%
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate base Armor & MR: 30 35
  • Red Buff base AS: 45% 40%
  • Runaan's Hurricane base AD: 20% 25%
  • Spear of Shojin base AD & AP: 25 20


They’re Training Dummies, not tanking Dummies. Training Dummies are providing too much free frontline, especially in the later levels where their increase in Health (as they star-up) is amplified even more by their high resistances. This change impacts all Training Dummies (including Portals).

While this patch is full of buffs, we do have a few Augment nerfs targeted at the general combat Augment outliers (Three’s a Crowd, Inspiring Epitaph, Little Buddies, Vampirism), but also our True Damage trait-linked Augment, Blinged Out. The HP that these Augments provide has proven to be too useful in the current set due to prevalent Health scaling from traits like Guardian, or readily available resistances from things like Sentinel.

Finally, if you watched TVO, you know just how effective Needlessly Big Gem can be on a backline Training Dummy in the early game (where drip econ is especially powerful). We’ve opted to completely disable the ability for Stationary Support II/III to roll a Needlessly Big Gem, but we’re allowing Stationary Support I to still have a chance at generating the item due to the 7 player combat delay on its arrival.
  • Training Dummies Base Armor & MR: 40 30
  • Cutting Corners XP Reduction: 4 3
  • On a Roll Gold: 2 3
  • On a Roll Limit per turn: 2 3
  • Vampirism I HP per missing 5 HP: 4 2
  • Bigger Shot (Big Shot) Explosion AD ratio: 65% 75%
  • Blinged Out (True Damage) HP Per Item: 100 80
  • Inspiring Epitaph Shield: 30% 25%
  • Little Buddies HP per buddy: 100 90
  • Little Buddies AS per buddy: 10% 9%
  • Low Interest Rates Interest Cap: 2 3
  • Stars are Born Gold: 1g 5g
  • Three’s a Crowd HP per three cost: 85 80
  • Too Big to Fail (Bruiser) Explosion HP ratio: 30% 40%
  • Too Big to Fail (Bruiser)Time before large boom: 20 15 sec
  • Stationary Support II/III no longer can roll Needlessly Big Gem


  • Blue Buff’s damage amplification properly refreshes on takedown rather than disabling the effect for the round.



For more information and videos of the below cosmetics, check out our Pass and More article here! As an extra reminder, Chibi Heartsteel Sett will leave Treasure Realms within 24 hours of these notes going live!


Chibi Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa is the Chibi with the longest name and the most stylish moves. Chibi Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa is our first global release of a Prestige-tier Tactician, with brand-new splash, visuals, and finisher. This tier of Tactician is designed for the superfans to express their super fandom. For Chibi Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa, this means a finisher that’ll have you sampling the song POP/STARS so you can play out your foes after you outplay them!
  • Chibi Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa will be available via Collector’s Bounties until January 10th.
  • Chibi Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa has a 2.5% drop rate from Collector’s Bounties (450 Treasure Tokens each).
  • Collector’s Bounties have an additional 2.5% drop rate for Star Content; for Kai’Sa, that means the following drops: Chibi Star Guardian Lux, Chibi PROJECT Zed, Chibi Dragonmancer Ashe. Collector’s Bounties have a 45% chance for Highlight content which includes base Chibis, Baron, and Poro variants. The remaining 50% of drops are standard Collector’s Bounties drops composed of 3-star Legendary Little Legends, as well as Mythic Little Legends like Choncc the Wise, PROJECT: Abyssia, URF Dowsie, and more!
  • If you have not received it before 30 tries, the 30th open of the Collector's Bounty will guarantee Chibi Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai'Sa.
  • You can only open a maximum of 30 Collector’s Bounties
  • Promise Tokens from other bounties do not apply to this one
  • Bad luck protection for other bounties do not carry over for Collector’s Bounties and vice-versa


Chibi Akali proves that cold steel, a target, and some ramen are all anyone really needs.
  • Chibi Akali can be picked up for 1900 RP, and comes with her Perfect Execution Boom
  • Chibi K/DA ALL OUT Akali is available as Star Content and comes with her own finisher, screeching onto the screen and leaving the tread marks of defeat on your opponents.
  • Chibi K/DA ALL OUT Akali will be leaving Treasure Realms on patch 14.02, but her base Chibi form will stick around.


Ao Shin’s songs drag on and on, which is why they’re late to the party. Like Drip Drummer Choncc, they’re available starting patch 13.24 (this one) for direct purchase at 925 RP. Drip Drummer Choncc arrived fashionably late to sport the most fashionable threads (all upsourced from second hand thrifting cause being environmentally conscious is true fashion).
  • Drip Drummer Choncc is available for direct purchase at 925 RP
  • Power Chord Ao Shin is available for direct purchase at 925 RP



Thanks to collaborative work between LoL and TFT (yeah, we’re good friends like that) we’re able to update our Spectate software to include TFT! This is unbelievably huge for us, as it’s been something many of you have wanted to assist in hosting community led tournaments. It’s awesome to finally have this come together, and we’re thankful for both your patience and the collaboration from the spectate team.
  • Spectate your friends on demand on PBE starting December 6th
  • Spectate will go to our live client on patch 14.1, January 9th
  • Spectate will have a delay of 30s
  • Right click to a pal from the friends list to spectate them and be prepared to congratulate them on their top four, or console them on their 8th.


The Emerald pop-up will no longer taunt you upon queuing TFT.
  • We’ve removed the Emerald pop-up from the client. F’s in chat.


The minimum spec requirement for TFT mobile on Android devices has been raised. As we continually improve TFT we’re no longer able to support a few devices at a sufficient quality level, but these changes should affect about .01% of active players.



We’re taking a pass on portal names to make their character count shorter, especially across different languages where some names are causing UI issues. While we’re at it, we’re going to make them more music-y as well!
  • 1st Augment Gold Golden Prelude
  • 1st Augment Prismatic Prismatic Prelude
  • 3rd Augment Gold Golden Finale
  • 3rd Augment Prismatic Prismatic Finale
  • All Silver Augments Silver Symphony
  • All Gold Augments Golden Symphony
  • All Prismatic Augments Prismatic Symphony
  • Gold Per Augment Augment Payout
  • Gold Per Item Item Payout
  • 3-Cost Start 3-Cost Champion
  • Triple Champion Start 3 Champions
  • Player Health Increase Larger Legends
  • Double Item Carousel Loaded Carousels


As a reminder, large changes are changes we believe will have an impact on the meta.


8-Bit shipped a bit underpowered, and the grand prize was effectively unattainable unless you were already in a position where you had a 3-star 4-cost already—a position where you were already incredibly likely to get first. We’re giving the trait a nudge that will feel most significant once you’ve beaten a few high scores, while also making the grand prize easier to hit (but still appropriately difficult).

Country, Guardian, and Jazz all released with too much power. Carries for Country comps utilized the bonus AS and Omnivamp to allow itemization in greedier stats (e.g. Crit for Samira) without major drawbacks. Guardian shields provided extended frontliner HP bars that would carry over to carries at times. And Jazz comps were quickly perfected to maximize the power of the trait.
  • 8-Bit AD Per Stack: 3.5/6/10% 4.5/7.5/12%
  • 8-Bit Grand Prize Score: 456789 345678
  • Country 3 Attack Speed Bonus: 20% 15%
  • Country 5 Country Omnivamp Bonus: 20% 15%
  • Guardian max Health Shield ratio: 30/50/70% 25/40/60%
  • Jazz max HP Per Trait: 2/3/4% 1.5/2/3%
  • Jazz bonus Damage Per Trait: 1/2/3% 1/1.5/2%


If you were in awe at how strong Kennen and his Headliner version were, you won’t be shocked to find that we’ve nerfed him here. Our best 1-cost should still be high-value with his powerful traits, but expect a little less damage coming from the electric True Damage Superfan.

Even with a good opener, Yasuo struggles to come online and scale into the late game despite being our go-to stacking one cost. A better AD ratio means Yasuo will get more out of the permanent AD he gains upon killing enemy champions. Don’t sleep on an early Yasuo Headliner.
  • Kennen Shock and Awe Damage: 160/240/360 145/215/325
  • K’Sante max Mana buff: 0/60 0/40
  • K’Sante Block the Haters AD ratio: 700% 800%
  • Yasuo Synthesizer Strike AD ratio: 275% 290%


Yone has struggled to manage a pop band on top of three different traits. We’re giving him a lift that’ll be most felt at three stars, opening up the possibility of Yone reroll carry lines alongside his other Edgelord friends (read: Riven). Remember to give Yone defensive items like Adaptive Helm, or Sterak’s Gage to allow him to survive enough to keep stacking and popping off!
  • Yone HP: 750 800
  • Yone Pop Off AD ratio: 200/200/205% 210/210/215%


We’re happy with the power ceiling of our four costs, but the floor is too low. We’re taking a very light pass on lifting the weakest 4-costs here.
  • Akali (True Damage) AS: 0.85 0.9
  • Akali (True Damage) Three Point Strike AD ratio: 250/250/500% 275/275/550%
  • Caitlyn Champ Hunt AD ratio: 375/375/750% 390/390/800%
  • Ezreal AS: 0.8 0.85
  • Ezreal Crash the Party small shots (1st and 2nd cast) AD ratio: 330/330/660% 350/350/700%
  • Viego Riff of the Ruined King Slam AD ratio: 150/150/300% 200/200/400%
  • Zed Shadow Dance shadow clone AD ratio: 175/175/350% 185/185/370%


Ziggs is the one-yordle-size-fits-all-comps carry that can utilize just about any item to add a destructive source of damage and MR shred. He’s even good in AD comps to give his allies the Hyperpop AS bonus.
  • Kayn AS: 0.85 0.95
  • Kayn Fear the Reaper Damage: 380/575/4000 400/600/4000
  • Ziggs Mana nerf: 30/70 30/75
  • Ziggs Chaos Theory extra small bombs per cast: 2 1


We’ve got nerfs to our five best performing Headliners, a compensation nerf to Sett whose Headliner effect wasn’t functioning properly before this patch, and one buff for a Headliner that just wasn’t making the headlines—sorry Zac.
  • Kennen: 75 HP 4% Max HP Heal 75 HP 2% Max HP Heal
  • Bard: Doot Damage: 95/140/215 85/125/190
  • Katarina: 200 HP 45% Bounce Damage 150 HP 25% Bonus Damage
  • Miss Fortune: 25% AD 20% AD
  • Samira: 15% AD 10% Crit 5% AD 10% Crit
  • Sett: 250 HP 150 HP
  • Zac: 150 HP 10 AP 200 HP 15 AP
  • Ziggs: 5 AP 10 Mana Reduction 5 AP 5 Mana Reduction


If you were thinking Good For Something I was just too good for anything, well, you were right. The drop chance for gold was bugged resulting in more econ power than intended.

Trait-based Augments were both our most overperforming and underperforming Augments of the release. That’s Jazz Baby took the cake like Amumu at the Remix Rumble (see reference here) as one of the most powerful Augments of the set, while Edgelord, Rapidfire, and Mosher Augments embodied their Emo brethren in emotion only.

With new play styles and strategies, our most playstyle-altering Augments were in need of an update. Endless Hordes was lifted by Jazz that took advantage of the extra units to add even more traits, while Infernal Contract keeping players at Level 7 ended up being much weaker than past sets due to Remix Rumble’s leveling & XP changes.
  • Bigger Shot (Big Shot) (Bugfix) no longer does more damage than intended to the primary target.
  • Good For Something I (Bugfix): Now correctly has a 30% drop chance instead of 50%.
  • Reach the Summit when you reach Level 9: gain 50 XP gain 10 gold and 50 XP
  • Young Wild & Free (Bugfix): Now correctly drops gold. Lowered to 2 gold from 3 gold
  • Live for Danger (Edgelord) Bonus Damage: 30% 40%
  • Ramping Rhythm (Rapidfire) now starts Rapidfire champs at 3 stacks immediately
  • Submit to the Pit (Mosher) Armor, MR, AD, AP, AS: 3 5
  • That’s Jazz Baby (Jazz) HP Per Stack: 40 20
  • That’s Jazz Baby (Jazz) AS Per Stack: 3% 2%
  • Binary Airdrop: Grants a component Grants 2 gold
  • Endless Hordes max HP Reduction: 15% 20%
  • Going Long now additionally grants 8 gold immediately
  • Infernal Contract Gold: 75g 90g
  • Blank Slate disabled from appearing at 4-2


This section is for changes that we don’t see drastically impacting the meta.


But have you tried Bruiser 3 yet @Mortdog?
  • Bruiser max HP: 20/40/80% 20/45/85%
  • Crowd Diver Bonus Damage: 5/30/70% 5/30/60%
  • Executioner Critical Strike Damage: 15/30/45% 5/25/45%


3-star Ahri is our worst performing 3-star 4-cost. Part of this is due to her single target focus, where she dramatically overkills enemies with her second cast, making the ridiculous amount of damage ridiculously useless. We’re shifting her spell at 3-stars so she can fire an additional projectile per cast, allowing her to work through the enemy board faster, while still killing her foe with a 1440% AP ratio on the empowered cast.
  • Annie Superfan Item: Spear of Shojin Jeweled Gauntlet
  • Ahri 3-star now fires 2 projectiles per ability cast.
  • Ahri POP/STAR Damage: 275/410/1500% AP 275/410/820% AP
  • Ahri POP/STAR empowered Damage: 480/720/2400% AP 480/720/1440% AP
  • Sona The Drop (Ethereal) (The red one that gives AS) no longer grants its AS buff to Yorick’s small ghouls. The big Ghoul still benefits from the buff (electronic music appreciator confirmed).


Pop, Locke, and Tabula Rasa, as the kids aren’t saying.
  • Blank Slate tooltip now states that the free rerolls are only for this round
  • Contagion tooltip now states that its effect also spreads on death



We’ve added three additional combats to Stage 10 to delay the extreme player damage increase of Stage 11 that could often cut games even shorter than intended.
  • Stage 10 now has three additional PvP combat rounds.
  • 8-Bit Grand Prize Score: 234567 199999


  • Tentwotacles: Fixed an issue where sometimes Illaoi would revive two tentacles with her cast instead of one
  • Good for Something I now correctly has a 30% chance to drop gold, down from 50%.
  • Too big: Bigger Shot no longer does more damage than intended to the primary target.
  • Teaming Up I correctly grants 2 3-cost units.
  • Putting the Star in Pop Star: Akali properly combines when your bench is full
  • The Showtime Portal is now available in Hyper Roll
  • The Radiant Item Portal now displays the correct round in its tooltip in Hyper Roll
  • Gambler’s Blade & Diamond Hands are now properly in the Artifact pool and are affected by Pandora’s Items
  • Qiyana can no longer give units invisible 4th items
  • Your KDA pattern no longer changes after triggering Last Stand
  • Buddy approved: Augment Little Buddies now works with True Damage Akali
  • Wellness Fund, Risky Moves and Tiniest Titan+ have been removed from the Double Up Augment pool
  • Gambler’s Blade now works correctly in Hyper Roll, and uses the Hyper Roll modified values.
  • Using an Item Remover on a champion without enough empty item bench slots will now correctly bounce off, rather than removing as many items as possible.
  • Headliner Sett’s permanent health gain now functions correctly
  • Schrodinger’s poro: Poros on Poro-Ranger HQ no longer disappear when zooming in
  • Health Bar no longer blocks Chibi Kai'Sa when performing CTRL+2 and CTRL+4
  • For all Prancies, Angry Mark VFX for CTRL + 2 no longer clips into head
  • Unneeded literacy: Augment Blank Slate should no longer sell a Tome of Traits on the bench
  • Augment Submit to the Pit now only correctly applies benefits to Moshers
  • Augment Blinged Out now grants full benefits for Thieves’ Gloves
  • Golmancer’s Staff no longer triggers more than intended