TFT’s 5-Year Bash!

TFT’s 5th Birthday is just around the corner, and everyone is invited to celebrate, including all of our past sets!

TFT's 5th Birthday is just around the corner, and whether you're brand new to TFT or a Set 1 legend, everyone is invited to celebrate, including all of our past sets!

Celebrate with a heap of login rewards & a free Event Pass with some very special rewards (including Treasure Tokens and a particularly talented Pengu), a brand new chaotic, yet nostalgic game mode called Pengu's Party, new Tacticians, including a brand new Chibi Champion, and more! All this comes with patch 14.12 (June 12) and ends with the conclusion of patch 14.14 (July 15).

Birthday Gifts Aplenty

It wouldn't be a TFT birthday without presents, and there's more to be earned during our 5-Year Bash than ever before. Players can earn rewards just by logging in each day during the event and by earning XP on a new free 5-Year Bash Event Pass. 

By logging in 10 days total during the event (on either TFT PC or Mobile!), you'll earn Treasure Tokens and the I Celebrate Emote!

And speaking of Emotes, you'll also be able to earn the All Skill Emote on the free Event Pass which, when equipped in your loadout, grants a special Tactician Trail effect throughout the duration of the event! Please note - since this is a temporary trail, it'll temporarily take higher priority than other trails you may have from other equipped Emotes or Icons.

Pengu's Party Mode

Pengu is throwing their biggest party ever, and everyone, including every single Set, is invited. Introducing Pengu's Party, a veritable convergence of some of TFT's most beloved (and feared) Traits of all time in Pengu's Party!

Pengu's Party starts much like a normal game of TFT. You'll queue up with 7 other players equally excited to celebrate TFT's 5th birthday in the world of Inkborn Fables. In Pengu's Party, however, you'll be able to bolster your roster with traits from past sets that represent all 5 years of TFT history! The Carousel is also getting updated with some 5-Year Bash flair to amp up the celebration.

Each Set will be represented by two traits completely unique to that Set. At various points in the game you'll be able to choose a Trait from set's past, with an opportunity to make one Prismatic by the end of the game. We've all seen Me Mech, No Scout, No Pivot, but how about a Me Mech, Me a Pirate, fire the cannons? Feeling social, elect your set superlative by placing them on the Sociliate hex from Gizmos & Gadgets! 

It's also shaping up to be more than just a brawl - we've heard designers talking about… some sort of Party Crab that's scuttling over? It's the kind of wild party that only TFT could throw, and Pengu couldn't be more excited for everyone to dive in!

We aren't going to reveal everything here, but you can tune in on TFT's social channels to see every trait coming back for our 5-Year Bash, along with a few other surprises, and join in the celebration starting patch 14.12!