Esports Pengu

This Little Legend is only available for a limited time—just like your opponents’ health.

Available for a limited time between now and October 19th is our hardest clapping Little Legend to date—and they don’t even have hands! Esports Pengu is a Little Legend with the confidence and style that only players who consistently get top-eight could possibly rep. If that sounds like you, then you can pick up Esports Pengu for 750 RP or 5.99 (mobile). With 77.1 surround sound headphones and grey-screen filter shades, not only can Esports Pengu hear the thoughts of their foes, but they can also see their foes’ future at the bottom of the scoreboard. Here’s a quick clip of the first time I equipped Esports Pengu.

***Disclaimer*** The above clip is a staged game not actually featuring the writer, who’s currently tanking LP for the better of the TFT community. Esports Pengu does not increase your chances of winning, but does grant you points for style.