TFT Runeterra Reforged Championship Primer

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Championship!

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It’s time to embark on the final adventure! We’re bringing together the top 32 Tacticians from far and wide to see who will be worthy of wielding the Golden Spatula, $150K USD, and ultimately the title of Runeterra Reforged Champion.

For information on the prize pool breakdown and regional seeds, check out our previous announcement here.


Here’s a quick refresher on the competition format of the Runeterra Reforged Championship:

Points will be awarded for each player based on the results of each game: 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 (ie: first place wins 8 points, eighth place wins 1 point).

Day 1

  • 32 players will be split into 4 lobbies and play 6 games
  • The lobbies will shuffle after 2 games
  • All 32 players will advance to Day 2

Day 2

  • Players retain their points from Day 1
  • 32 players will be split into 4 lobbies and play 6 games
  • The lobbies will shuffle after 2 games
  • The top 8 players will advance to Day 3

Day 3

  • Checkmate Format - The first player to hit 20 points AND then secure a first-place finish will be our Runeterra Reforged Champion!

Pick'Em powered by AWS

It’s time to test your prediction skills! Pick’Em is back for the Runeterra Reforged Championship, with even more rewards than before - provided courtesy of AWS. Head over to to lock in your picks before the Championship weekend begins. A preview of the treasures you can win are below:


Top 50

  • 1x Little Legend Egg & the Championship Icon + [2 x Emotes]
  • Chibi Gwen

Top 25

  • 3x Little Legend Egg & Championship Icon + [2 x Emotes]
  • Chibi Irelia

Top 8

  • 5x Little Legend Egg & Championship Icon + [2 x Emotes]
  • Chibi Divine Sword Irelia

Top 1

  • 10 x Little Legend Egg & Championship Icon + [2 x Emotes]
  • The Chibi Family:
    • Devil Chibi Teemo
    • Chibi DRX Aatrox
    • Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen
    • Chibi Divine Sword Irelia

The final leaderboard will be available 48 hours after the last game ends on Sunday, November 5th.

All items will be automatically delivered directly to the League of Legends account associated with your Riot login. If you believe you qualified for a Pick’Em reward and did not receive credit for it by December 8, 2023, please reach out to Player Support.

TFT Set Championship Runeterra Reforged Pick'Em is available to play in all regions except for Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Donetsk People’s Republic (“DNR”), Luhansk People’s Republic (“LNR”), Sudan, Venezuela, Syria, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Myanmar, the province of Quebec, or any other region where this offer is void; and requires a valid Riot Account and a Summoner Name to play and receive rewards. Please note that eligibility for prizes and rewards may vary in different regions due to local regulations.


Earn Drops while you watch the TFT Runeterra Reforged Championship! A new reward will be available for each day of the competition - check out the games on, Twitch, and YouTube for your chance to earn.


  • Day 1: TFT Runeterra Reforged Championship Icon
  • Day 2: Ta-da! The Golden Spatula! Emote
  • Day 3: All Mine! Emote

Broadcast Schedule

Tune in on Nov 3 - 5 to catch this Set’s epic conclusion!


  • Nov 3 - 6AM Pacific / 9AM Eastern / 1PM GMT
  • Nov 4 - 6AM Pacific / 9AM Eastern / 1PM GMT
  • Nov 5 - 5AM Pacific / 8AM Eastern / 1PM GMT

TFT Official Channels

Stay update-to-date on the latest TFT announcements and updates by following our channels:

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