Teamfight Tactics patch 12.20 notes

Augment rebalancing, chase Trait buffs, bug fixes, and more with patch 12.20!

Welcome to patch 12.20!

Another patch and it’s time to show the lights that stop me turn to stone—you shine it when I'm alone.

In our last patch before the Dragonlands Championship patch we’ve got Chibi Dragonmancer Ashe, an Augment rebalance, friends lists on Mobile, and a whole lot more—let’s get into it!
Rodger “Riot Prism" Caudill

Mid-Patch Updates


With the Dragonlands Championship less than a month away, we’re doubling down on competitive balance. This means making bigger changes this week that focus on our highest levels of play to allow for a better live practice environment ahead of the tournament. It also means a more balanced environment to hit ranked goals for the rest of us—best of luck y’all!


Part of our competitive focus is disabling our two most high-roll Augments. In a set where the most capped board is a bunch of expensive Dragons, High End Shopping and Level Up provide a significant advantage in accessing this powerful (and justifiably expensive) board. Access to these Augments can allow skilled players to run fully capped Dragon boards by Stage 5, creating advantages over other players that cannot be rivaled by other Augments in the highest echelons of play. We’re temporarily removing these Augments for our most competitive patches, but we’ll be bringing them back with patch 12.22.
  • High End Shopping has been temporarily removed
  • Level Up has been temporarily removed


Our Dragon (6) change is a bugfix for a change we implemented during patch 12.19.
  • Dragon 6 (bugfix) ascended stats: 40 ⇒ 30
  • Dragonmancer bonus Health: 275/650/850/1000 ⇒ 275/575/775/1000


By nerfing Jax we weaken the frontline for the Shimmerscale/Lagoon opener while also hitting one of the core units for Sy’fen and Shi Oh Yu comps. Our Terra bugfix nerf is another change that we implemented during patch 12.19.
  • Jax Mana nerf: 50/125 ⇒ 70/140
  • Kai’Sa Tidal Burst Damage: 40/60/90 ⇒ 35/55/85
  • Shi Oh Yu max Mana nerf: 30/90 ⇒ 30/100
  • Shi Oh Yu Jade Form Stun Duration: 1.25 ⇒ 1
  • Terra (bugfix) Earthquake bonus Armor and Magic Resistance: 150/200/4000 ⇒ 130/165/4000
  • Yone Way of the Hunter bonus Magic Damage: 90/140/200 ⇒ 85/125/180


  • 11-star Astral orbs no longer have a much higher chance to grant items than intended

Patch Highlights



Available as a rare (2%, guaranteed by the 61st pull) drop from the Dragonmancer Archer Eggs, Chibi Dragonmancer Ashe continues the #DiesOfCutScene saga with their finisher, firing an explosive Dragonmancer Arrow that’ll hit more than just a knee. Each Egg is available for 390RP, with non-Ashe hosting Eggs containing a random Little Legend from our back catalog (Mythics/Pass exclusive Little Legends excluded).


Alongside her Dragonmancer counterpart, Chibi Ashe joins our growing collection of Chibi Champs. She’s available with her custom boom, Enchanted Crystal Arrow—defeat can be so cold. Pick this Chibi Queen up from the store for 1900 RP and watch her go BRRRRRRR as you win streak!



  • 5 gold drops have been removed from Blue Orbs.


High rolling is cool, but some of these rolls have gone too high.
  • We’ve adjusted a few extreme rare cases for the Treasure Dragon to make them slightly less extreme.


This change also impacts Mobile.
  • Unit Health bars now stay on screen when units are fighting near the top edge of the screen.


Large, like my respect for Zippy and Zippy enthusiasts despite insulting his IQ last patch.


The Attack Speed and Omnivamp from Guild have been strong enough to support hypercarry Xayah comps as well as different variations of Guild vertical. With these nerfs, we don’t expect the Guilded age to be over—we just expect the Guild members to put a bit more effort into their success.

Let’s talk Soy’fen (Shi Oh Yu and Sy’fen comps). With rising popularity and win rates over the weekend, we’ve had to ship a number of large nerfs targeted at this comp. The most obvious is the Jade Statue Attack Speed nerf below, which impacts both Shi Oh Yu and Sy’fen, in addition to Pantheon, who being AD, greatly benefit from it. You will also find Pantheon nerfs and the removal of one of the strongest Silver Augments (Jade Crest) that will make this soy protein rich comp part of a more balanced diet.
  • Cavalier Armor and Magic Resistance: 30/45/60/75/110 35/50/65/85/110
  • Dragonmancer Bonus Ability Power: 20/35/50/70 25/40/50/70
  • Guild Attack Speed (Twitch): 13% 11%
  • Guild Omnivamp (Emblem): 4% 3%
  • Guild Multiplier: 100/110/120/130/140/150/165/180% 100/110/120/130/140/150/160/175%
  • Jade Statue Attack Speed: 10/30/55/88% 10/22/55/88%
  • Ragewing Attack speed: 50/100/150/250% 50/100/150/275%
  • Ragewing Omnivamp: 15/30/45/75% 15/30/45/85%


  • Senna Mana buff: 30/90 15/75
  • Senna Last Embrace bonus magic damage: 300/450/600 300/450/650


Zac’s currently struggling across all levels, but the increase in his damage as he stars up isn’t a stable or noticeable improvement.
  • Zac Unstable Current percent max Health damage: 5/6/7% 10/12/18%


Nomsy has excelled in the field of magic with her top-tier Mage build, but here at TFT we encourage a liberal arts approach, and are thus dedicated to helping Nomsy improve her marksmanship and Evoker skills.

Despite the name of his spell, Rengar, has been seen tearing up the Convergence. We had a smaller nerf planned for Rengar, but with our nerfs to Rengar’s biggest counter, Soy’fen, we’ve had to preemptively increase these nerfs.

With no utility, Volibear is the type of champion where if he isn’t dealing damage or soaking it up, he just isn’t very useful. So we’re giving him some more Health via an earlier cast of his spell.
  • Nomsy Fireballs! Damage: 210/300/480 190/270/420
  • Evoker Nomsy, Lulu Whimsy Attack Speed Buff: 30/40/60% 40/50/70%
  • Cannoneer Nomsy, Tristana Attack Speed: 0.7 0.75
  • Cannoneer Nomsy, Nomsy bonus Attack Damage from being friends with Tristana: 30/45/70 35/50/80
  • Rengar Mana nerf: 60/120 70/140
  • Rengar Unseen Predator AD ratio: 255/265/275% 240/245/275%
  • Volibear Mana buff: 0/60 0/40


Dragons are poikilothermic (their body temperature changes with the outside temperature) and last I checked, Summer is over—but also I’ve been trying to bust out that word all set.
  • Daeja Windblast Damage: 250/350/1600 250/335/1350
  • Pantheon Aegis Assault Damage: 100/150/700 75/110/700
  • Sohm Tideblossom detonation damage: 300/420/1500 285/400/1400
  • Sy’fen max Mana nerf: 90/160 100/170


Ao Shin is hurling their projectile lightning vomit a bit too soon, given how impactful their upchucked bolts are.

Zoe’s cycling through her stolen spells faster than summer heist flicks, so it's time to slow her roll before she gets caught and is forced to live life underground.
  • Ao Shin Mana: 0/175 0/190
  • Zoe Mana: 30/100 40/110
  • Terra Health: 1200 1050


Built Different and Double Trouble require players to make tradeoffs to get more power from playing a certain way, but when these are stacked, they create too much power without adding additional tradeoffs. While the highroll of collecting all the BDs/DTs is appealing, it creates a situation where the Augments can’t be balanced appropriately as individual picks. We also see Augment selections as critical decision-making moments that are harmed when taking a repeat BD or DT will always be the best option.

Cutthroat has neither been a fun Augment to take, nor a fun one to play against.

Together, Think Fast and Astral warp the early game too much—but if you are already running Astral and you hit Think Fast as your second Augment, it’ll still be a very strong pickup.
  • Beast’s Den (Shapeshifter) Attack and Movement Speed: 35% 25%
  • Built Different: You can no longer be offered multiple tiers of Built Different
  • Cutthroat Removed
  • Darkflight Crown now grants Titan’s Resolve instead of Protector’s Vow
  • Double Trouble Bonus AD, AP, Armor, and MR: 22/33/44 20/30/40
  • You can no longer be offered multiple tiers of Double Trouble
  • Gadget Expert direct damage item bonus true damage 33% 25%
  • Jade Crest has been removed
  • Mage Crown now grants Lux instead of Sylas
  • Personal Training now grants Jax instead of Olaf
  • Portable Forge, The Collector, Gold Chance: 50% 40%
  • Portable Forge, Infinity Force (All) Stats: 30 25
  • Portable Forge, Zhonya’s Paradox Ability Power: 50 40
  • Preparation NEW: Champions will now start at 1 stack
  • Preparation Health per Stack: 30/45/60 25/35/50
  • Preparation Attack Damage & Ability Power per Stack: 5/7/10 4/5/8
  • Scoped Weapons II no longer grants 10% bonus Attack Speed
  • Think Fast no longer offered on Stage 2-1


Small, like the effort it took to lie about my respect for Zippy and Zippy enthusiasts.


  • Assassin Critical Strike Chance: 20/40/75% 20/50/75%
  • Cannoneer Cannon Shot Attack Damage ratio: 150/250/450% 150/275/450%
  • Darkflight bonus Health: 500/750/1000/1800 500/750/1000/1600
  • Guardian max Health percentage shield: 25/40/70/125% 25/40/80/130%


Please fasten your seatbelt, three-star your Ezreal, and ensure your Bonkeykong has a Deathblade.
  • Ezreal Mystic Shot damage: 200/275/375 200/275/415
  • Karma Inner Flame Damage: 210/280/420 210/280/400
  • Nasus Fury of the Dawn damage: 70/100/185 70/100/205
  • Wukong Crushing Blow Attack Damage ratio: 185/200/230% >> 185/200/250%


Buffing these two cost 3-stars is just one way a specific dev shows their love to the champion he holds deerest.
  • Lillia Watch Out! damage: 215/275/350 215/275/370
  • Lillia Watch Out! center bonus damage: 190/240/320 190/240/340
  • Lux Cosmic Flare first strike damage: 325/400/500 325/410/525
  • Lux Cosmic Flare secondary strikes damage: 175/200/230 175/210/240
  • Kai’Sa Tidal Burst missile damage: 40/60/85 40/60/90


No, this is not enough to bring back Dragonmancer Nunu, but it is enough to bring Dragonmancer Rakan into play as a top eight contender!
  • Nunu & Willump Consume damage: 350/500/800 350/500/925
  • Rakan Disarming Diversion shield amount: 230/350/550 230/350/650
  • Seraphine Serenade of the Seas on attack damage: 20/35/70 20/35/65
  • Sylas Petricite Burst shield amount: 365/415/475 365/415/525


Other than the Swain buffs, all the changes below only impact these units at 3-stars.
  • Graves Quickdraw Attack Damage ratio: 65/65/170% 65/65/145%
  • Hecarim Onslaught of Shadows Damage: 150/250/1000 150/250/1200
  • Jayce Mercurial Judgement base Heal: 150/210/375 150/210/550
  • Jayce Mercurial Judgement secondary magic damage: 125/175/500 125/175/650
  • Nilah Slipstream Damage: 130/200/1000 130/200/700
  • Shi Oh Yu Jade Form percent damage reduction: 20/25/50% 20/25/40%
  • Swain Dragon Master’s Decree Damage: 85/120/600 90/130/600
  • Xayah Feathers FLY! recall damage per feather: 13/20/60 13/20/75


I don’t know why I put these in the ‘small changes’ section when I hit 3-star tier 5 units almost every game...
  • Shyvana Dragon’s Descent damage: 80/150/500 80/150/1500
  • Shyvana Dragon’s Descent stun duration: 1.25 1.25/1.25/10 seconds
  • Terra Earthquake Armor & Magic Resistance damage ratio: 150/200/4000% 150/200/2500%
  • Zoe, Spell Thief, Kayle’s Intervention bonus Armor and Magic Resistance: 20/40/500 20/40/1000
  • Zoe, Spell Thief,Janna’s Howling Gale Attack Speed Buff Duration: 5 5/5/30


Our Zz’Rot Portal changes will make the item more intuitive and fix the feels-bad movement pathing for units that cannot easily get into the holder’s attack range (yet are still within 4 hexes).
  • Zz’Rot Portal no longer has a maximum taunt range of 4 hexes. It will now taunt all units that are in range to attack the holder.



  • Preparation (Augment) max stacks: 4 3
  • Preparation Health per Stack: 40/60/80 35/50/70
  • Preparation Attack Damage & Ability Power per Stack: 6/9/13 5/7/10


Mobile is getting a powerful buff this patch—friendship! Friend list chat is here—so get to meeting and greeting because your Double Up partner is just a few taps away.
  • Friend List Chat is now on mobile!


  • Dodgings: Fixed a typo in Jax’s tooltip
  • Zyra will now pick randomly between rows that are tied, rather than always choosing the farthest row or the nearest row in each fight
  • Jayce no longer fails to gain his Ability’s resistances if his initial cast completely misses
  • Shyvana no longer fails to cast with 2+ Attack Range. She can now cast as long as enemies are within her Flame Breath’s range (roughly 4 hexes)
  • Reverted the Cannoneer bug fix from last patch that allowed the cannon shot to work properly with Celestial Blessing as this created issues with Whispers Cannoneers…yeah.