Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies

Welcome to the newest set, where forces of good and evil clash in a battle of intergalactic proportions.

Fight for all the Worlds

Galaxies collide with champions, boards, and Little Legends from across the League universe. Unleash the power of Celestials, band together with Rebels, or descend into the shadows with Dark Stars.

Galaxies Collide

Adapt your strategy to the realities of each galaxy. Some games bring new rules that force you to rethink the way you play.

A Host of Powerful Beings

Powerful forces from across the universe have emerged to join the fight. From Space Pirates to Time Benders, assemble a team from multiple worlds to defeat your enemies.

Galaxies Little Legends


This gentle creature blindly barrels through time and space without a care.


Full of untapped ferocity, Abyssia hides its true power beneath its mask.


A skittish astral being, it flits between dimensions and flees from signs of life.

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