Teamfight Tactics patch 14.2 notes

Return to Galaxies with the 3.5 revival, the game mode that brings back our first ever mid-set (that's the .5 part). The mode comes alongside our Lunar Festival celebrations with new Chibis, an enchanting rooftop arena, and more! Of course we also have balance changes and a few reworks for Remix Rumble too!

I may be mech, no scout, but I’d sure pivot for you…

We’ve got a lot going on this patch, but the biggest news comes with our Lunar Festival event, which brings new cosmetics, an in-HUB experience, and our first ever set revival! In addition to all that, we’ve got a few balance changes and our all-new Loadout Randomizer! Before we hop into all the celebrations, we have a few house-keeping announcements.
Rodger "Riot Prism" Caudill



In a few weeks we will be introducing Vanguard, Riot’s anti-cheat software that will be required for all League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics games. Starting patch 14.2, we will run a diagnostics check to see if your computer is ready for this update. If not, please review our troubleshooting guide or reach out to Player Support.

If you originally failed the check, it will re-run at a later point or you can manually re-run it by clicking on the settings icon on the top right and “Check for Compatibility” under General > Vanguard System Check.

This will not mean that Vanguard is active or being used for League & TFT yet, this is just to give players ample heads up and opportunity to be ready before it’s a requirement. For more information please check out our support article on Vanguard.


Beginning Wednesday February 21st (patch 14.4), we are updating our minimum system requirements and will no longer be supporting Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 for all League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics games. To maintain the stability and performance of our game we sometimes need to deprecate support for legacy Operating Systems that aren’t widely used by our players. If you’re still playing on these versions of Windows, please consider updating to continue playing. Please see our min spec support page for more details.


The Lunar Festival brings an in-client hub, where you can access the Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies game mode, view your event pass progress, keep track of your missions, and more! To further the festivities we’ve also brought a number of cosmetics that are sure to leave your loadout looking stellar! Chibi Sona, Chibi Porcelain Lux, the Golden Dragon Skyscraper, and more all arrive shortly after patch 14.02 goes live!


All Lunar Festival themed cosmetics will be available from patch 14.02 until their deactivation on Feb 22nd at 11AM PT, just after the conclusion of the event with the end of patch 14.03 (Feb 20th). That means the cosmetics will be around slightly longer than the game mode, so be sure to get in your galactic nostalgia soon! For more info on our Lunar Festival cosmetics, check out our cosmetics article here.

While all Chibis discussed here will be released globally alongside the event, the Booms designed for Chibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin and Chibi Porcelain Lux will be released first on TFT’s China server, then make their way to all other Riot regions in a future patch. Chibi Guqin Sona’s Boom is available globally via the Maven of the Strings Bundle.


Chibi Sona can be purchased directly for 1900 RP and she’ll come with her own Boom, Crescendo, that’ll prove even small-scale Sona knows her scales.

Sona will also have a festive Mythic variant available as a Star Content drop from Treasure Realms: Chibi Guqin Sona. In addition to a new instrument, Chibi Guqin Sona also comes with a Finisher that proves plucking the Guqin is just as easy as plucking her opponents off the Convergence.


Chibi Porcelain Lux will enter Treasure Realms as Star Content a bit later with patch 14.03, and will leave alongside the rest of the Lunar Festival content on the final day of the patch. She’s got a freshly polished porcelain Finisher as well!


Chibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin is available through Collector’s Bounties (450 Treasure Tokens) until the end of patch 14.3 as a 2.5% drop. Collector’s Bounties have an additional 2.5% drop rate for Star Content; for Lee Sin, that means the following drops: Chibi Firecracker Jinx, Chibi Panda Annie, Chibi Dragonmancer Yasuo. Collector’s Bounties have a 45% chance for Highlight Content which includes base Chibis, and Tacticians like Baron and Poro. The remaining 50% of drops are standard Collector’s Bounties drops composed of 3-star Legendary Little Legends, as well as Mythic Little Legends.

If you have not received it before 30 tries, the 30th open of the Collector's Bounty will guarantee Chibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin. You can only open a maximum of 30 Collector’s Bounties. Also, please note: for players who unlock base Chibis through this Collector’s Bounty, they won’t come with their unique Booms right away, but we’ll be granting them to players retroactively in a future patch.


Complete with win and loss streak animations, clickable fireworks, and progression as you level up, the Golden Dragon Skyscraper is only available as a Star Content drop from Treasure Realms!


New year, new fit, new Prancies! Check out their variants below: Liu Li Prancie, Porcelain Prancie, Royal Prancie, Lotus Prancie.

Note: Lantern Prancie (second to last row) is available via the Event Pass.

Each variant discussed in this section is Epic tier and can be purchased from the shop for 925 RP at one star, or found in various Treasure Realms! Note that Lantern Prancie is available in the Event Pass.


TFT’s first set revival is almost here, and we’re gearing up for galactic exploration with the revival of the Galaxies mid-set, Return to the Stars, as a temporary game mode available from patch 14.02 (Jan 24th) until the end of patch 14.03 during our Lunar Festival event! You can get more information about why we are returning to the stars, and how we’ve updated the mid-set here.

One thing that has changed since the release of the above article is our bag sizes. After PBE testing, we saw and heard feedback around the revived set having too much reliance on 3 starring a 4-cost to win a lobby. This is tied to the expanded bag sizes (50 per unit), so we’ve opted to reduce the count for 4 and 5-cost units to 20 (still much more than live). 1,2, and 3-cost units will continue to have 50 copies in the shared pool.


We’ve reached the halfway point in the set, so instead of releasing a new Pass and Pass+ alongside a mid-set (those are so last set) we’re releasing our Act 2 Pass at the halfway point. As per usual, each Pass has a 1295 RP upgradeable version that’ll grant you extra access to Arenas, Tacticians, and more! For more info on our Pass, check out our cosmetics article



We’re adding a much desired button to the lobby screen that will allow you to randomize your loadout (Tactician+Arena+Boom) to keep your style as varied as your games (Portals + Augments + Items + Team Comps). We hope this gives collectors the variety they’ve requested!
  • Randomizer takes the form of a dice logo in the lobby screen both on PC and Mobile
  • It'll randomize amongst your entitled content
  • There's a small delay so that players don't spam it
  • It does NOT randomize emotes or other content


With the removal of Chibi Headliner K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa from Treasure Realms, we’re retroactively granting all base Booms for players who unlocked base Chibis through this Collector’s Bounty. It’s worth noting that base Booms for base Chibis will also come at the end of Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin’s Treasure Realm stay. In situations where you unlocked the base Chibi from the Prestige tier Treasure Realms and then purchased the corresponding Boom, we’ll be refunding the RP spent on said Boom.



There’s no cruelty allowed in a portal this blessed.
  • Cruel Pact can no longer be offered in the Radiant Blessing portal.
  • Silver Symphony & Decrescendo have been removed.


Syncing up the scoreboard notifications with our changes in streak gold that we implemented in the last patch.
  • Winstreak scoreboard notifications now display at 5 wins and at 8 wins, and show the correct streak length.


It just makes more sense.
  • AD Carry: Edge of Night Red Buff
  • AD Caster: Edge of Night Red Buff
  • AD Caster: Bloodthirster Hand of Justice


Previously if you passed on something like Brawler Olaf, any champ that COULD have Headliner Brawler would be temporarily blocked for 4 offerings.
  • Updated a rule that blocked units that shared a trait with a previously offered Headliner. This rule should now only block the trait skipped from being the Headliner and still allow the unit to appear as their other trait(s).


Large, like the chance you lose to big Scuttle in Crab Rave.


In a twist of fate, Disco has gone from feeling funky to a full blown Night Fever in just one patch. Part of this is due to the power of the disco ball, as its buff gets the party rolling too fast. We’re going lighter here as we’ve also got a nerf for the trait’s 4-cost carry later on.

Punk just isn’t tough enough in the late game, which is why we’re beefing up their base stat gains which are in turn amplified by the percentage gains from rolling. What can I say? This trait just likes to get amped up.
  • Disco Attack Speed Per Tick: 5/10/15/20% 5/8/12/20%
  • Disco Healing Per Tick: 2/3/3/5% 2/3/3/4%
  • Punk AD: 17/28/42% 18/30/45%
  • Punk HP: 170/280/420 180/300/450


Better base AD means better scaling upon starring up, itemizing, and Punk amplifications, which should allow this loose cannon to cut loose from the C-tier.
  • Jinx AD: 45 50
  • Kennen HP: 650 700
  • K’Sante Spell Base Damage Reduction: 25% 20%


Kayle has been a confusing champion. Before this rework she had to first cast her ability to ascend and then deal her on-hit magic damage that shreds MR for 4 seconds AND THEN she would deal her finale damage to enemies around the target. This not only made her awkward to start up, but also confusing to play. We hope with this simplified rework she’ll be more intuitive and, with that, more playable. A mix of AS and AP items are still going to be useful on her, but with her higher mana cost breakpoint, experimenting with more AS or even Spear of Shojin could be useful when fielding an AP comp for a more frequent cast of her active which shreds MR.
  • Katarina Spell Damage: 140/210/315% AP 150/225/340% AP
  • Kayle (REWORK): Now passively deals magic damage on each hit. Active now immediately deals the AoE (finale) damage and applies Shred.
  • Kayle Mana nerf: 0/30 0/120


While Urgot has seen success in various comps, those comps are often carried by his banjo toting pals (Read: Samira, Vex, and our favorite horsie) in the late game where Urgot falls off harder than just about every other 3-cost. Giving his ability an additional bonus damage component will help him get unstuck on unstoppable solo-frontliners in the hopes that this crab-legged dreadnought can be as dreaded as our crab-legged raver.
  • Lulu Spell Third Cast Damage: 120/180/280% AP 150/225/360% AP
  • Riven Ability Damage: 100% AD 90% AD
  • Urgot (REWORK): Now deals 50% bonus damage if his spell only hits 1 target.
  • Urgot Spell Damage: 175/175/180% AD + 15/25/40% AP 160/160/165% AD + 15/25/40% AP
  • Vex Stun duration: 1.5s 0.75s


Karthus has had the issue of having a dominant and impactful first cast (if it crit), but then becoming the center of attention as his mana bar takes longer to fill the closer you stare at it (this is real, I swear). With this rework we’re not only opening up new avenues for Karthus to scale and reducing his reliance on a random critical strike, but also ensuring that repeat casts ramp up his damage even more—and with a smaller max Mana pool, he’ll certainly be casting more!
  • Karthus (REWORKED): Karthus’s ability will now always critically strike if able to.
  • Karthus gains bonus Ability Power based on his Critical Strike Chance
  • Karthus no longer gains mana from kills, now gains 30% Ability Power after each cast.
  • Karthus Mana: 30/120 15/105
  • Karthus Ability Damage: 270/405/900 175/260/580
  • Twisted Fate Mana: 30/105 30/120
  • Twisted Fate Card Damage: 50/75/225 45/70/225


  • Kai’Sa: +15% AD +25% AD (Still has +2 range and dashes farther)
  • Yone: +200 HP & +20% AD +150 HP & +15% AD


Name a better friendship than Twin Terror and Executioner… Oh, you, and I? I guess you’re right. Regardless, we’re taking out the critical strike chance bonus for Twin Terror to make the Augment more generally strong and less dependent on critical strike scaling synergies.
  • Bigger Shot (Big Shot) Damage: 75% AD 85% AD
  • Heartthrobs (REWORKED): You now gain 20% more Heartsteel Hearts instead of keeping 20% each time you get rewards.
  • Last Stand Bonus Stats: +180 HP, 18 Armor/MR, and 18% Omnivamp +160 HP, 16 Armor/MR, and 16% Omnivamp
  • Submit to the Pit (Mosher) Stats: +3 Armor/MR/AP/AD/AS +4 Armor/MR/AP/AD/AS
  • Too Big to Fail (Bruiser) Damage: 40% HP 35% HP
  • Twin Terror I Critical Strike Chance: 25% 0%
  • Twin Terror I Health: 250 350
  • Twin Terror I Attack Speed: 25% 35%
  • Twin Terror II Critical Strike Chance: 35% 0%
  • Twin Terror II Health: 350 500
  • Twin Terror II Attack Speed: 35% 50%


Goldmancer’s Staff provided too much consistent econ (especially early game) when used on a comp with a singular carry that racks up most of the kills regardless.
  • Thief’s Gloves are less likely to roll ideal items at level 7,8, and 9
  • Goldmancer’s Staff (Artifact) Gold per kill: 2 1


Small, like the change for Good for Something to become Better for Something.


Moshers now mosh a bit harder when capped out.
  • Mosher Attack Speed: 20/40/60% 20/40/70%


A few Big Shots are firing even bigger shots.
  • Corki Spell Damage: 300% AD 320% AD
  • Lillia Mana: 70/130 70/120
  • Olaf is now categorized as an AD Fighter
  • Yasuo Spell Damage: 300% AD 280% AD
  • Jax Attack Speed: 0.85 0.9
  • Miss Fortune Spell Damage: 280/280/290% AD 295/295/305% AD
  • Ezreal Spell Damage (single target): 350/350/700% AD 370/370/740% AD
  • Poppy Spell healing on hit: 5/5/5% HP 5/5/10% HP
  • Sona (Heal Form): Sona will no longer send her healing auto attacks at non-champions (dummies and Illaoi tentacles) unless they’re the last units alive
  • Sona (Attack Speed & Ability Power): Sona can no longer target training dummies and Illaoi tentacles


More gold = more good.
  • Good for Something Gold drop chance: 30% 35%
  • Lategame Specialist Gold: 30 33


What!? Two bug fix sections?


  • Too emotional: Emotional connection no longer reduces your units max mana to 10 the first time you take the Augment.
  • Multi-Talented Akali no longer keeps an additional trait when swapped in shop. (*fixed in 14.1A)
  • Radiant Nashor’s Tooth correctly grants Attack Speed on-cast with Twisted Fate.
  • Lucian’s number of shots correctly scales with the displayed tooltip amount. Now scales 1 shot per 20% AS instead of 1 shot per 40% AS.
  • Nashor’s Tooth will apply Attack Speed before Lucian’s cast rather than after.
  • Lucian’s number of shots will no longer scale past 5.0 Attack Speed.
  • Thresh can now properly damage CC immune units.
  • Akali no longer sometimes messes with non-Akali’s headliner traits.
  • True Breakout: True Damage Akali can no longer bypass the 3 star 4 cost rule.
  • Scrappy Inventions now gives components as intended.
  • Floating through space: When Superfans pop off items, those items now return to your bench at the appropriate speed.
  • Salvage Bin can no longer grant a Spatula as its random component.
  • Recomdevastated: The Disco Ball is no longer permanently deleted by Recombobulator.
  • Heartsteel’s 3000+ heart cashout now has the correct odds for each cashout.
  • Epic NPCs now drop their loot in the correct order.


Our Singapore team did a large sweep of our Little Legend catalog, fixing a large number of minor bugs impacting animations, sound effects, emotes (Joke/Laugh/Taunt), and even ARAM recall effects. Here’s a list of impacted Little Legends, and a few other bugs fixed.
  • Abyssia, Ao Shin, Baron, Bellswayer, Burno, Bungo, Bun Bun, Choncc, Craggle, Whisker, Dango, Dowsie, Duckbill, Featherknight, Fluft of Poros, Flutterbug, Furyhorn, Fuwa, Fenroar, Gloop, Hauntling, Hushtail, Knife Hound, Knife Pup, Lightcharger, Melisma, Molediver, Mort, Nixie, Nimblefoot, Ossia, Paddlemar, Prancie, Protector, Piximander, Poggles, Poro, QiQi, Raptors, River Sprite, Runespirit, Scuttle, Shisa, Silverwing, Squink, Starmaw, Tocker, Umbra
  • Fixed an issue where Lux’s Health Bar would no longer cover her forehead during some of her animations
  • Fixed an issue where Squink’s head no longer explodes in size when spamming the Taunt animation
  • Porcelain Bellswayer’s splash has been fixed in loadout