Teamfight Tactics patch 12.22 notes

Am I seeing double, or are there two Treasure Dragons? And is it just me, or are there like 100 buffs in this patch? It's our last patch of Dragonlands and things are getting crazy.


It’s the last patch of Dragonlands and it’s going to be a fun one! As a reminder, this extra-special patch lasts three weeks instead of the usual two! It’s packed full of buffs to ensure every unit has a chance in the spotlight before our journey through the Dragonlands comes to a close. Good luck on your final ranked pushes, Tacticians!

Oh, and if you’re looking for information on our next set, Monsters Attack!, there’s a section on that too! Talk soon, okay?
Rodger “Riot Prism" Caudill

Mid-Patch Updates


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to refresh their Augment selections without using a refresh
  • Hyperroll: Fixed a bug that caused players to hit levels 7, 8, and 9 a round late.
  • Hyperroll: The Stage 6-1 Treasure Dragon in Hyper Roll has moved to 6-2.
  • Hyperroll: Fixed a bug that caused the Stage 6 Round Tracker to display incorrect information


While we deployed a fix for TFT Mobile to address a large number of crashes, we’re aware that some issues are persisting for a small percentage of players on Mobile. While we continue to monitor the persistent crashes we believe they are related to opening the dragon tooltip. We recommend avoiding doing so for the time being.
  • Mobile: Fixed a bug causing Mobile crashes that resulted in restricted queues

Patch Highlights


As exciting as double Treasure Dragon may be, there’s even more excitement brewing in a city called Spatulopolis, where Heroes are made and Monsters are slain (or rehabbed and taught how to behave like upstanding citizens, apparently). Let this serve as a hub for the pieces we’ve released about our next set, coming December 7th!



Kinda wild, dude.
  • A second Treasure Dragon has replaced the Wolves PVE round!
  • This Treasure Dragon can be any of the 3 Treasure Dragon variants. The two Treasure Dragons that you see can be different, or the same.
  • Items from orbs have been reduced by 2 to compensate for the increased item count from Treasure Dragons.


Large, like the monsters attacking after this fun three-week patch


Giving some love to our underloved vertical traits! And yeah, Electric Overload 8 is going to be nutty.
  • Bruiser Health 180/350/600/1000 180/375/700/1500
  • Evoker Mana per cast: 4/6/8 5/8/10
  • Mirage, Electric Overload, chance to proc: 20/25/33/50% 20/33/50/100%
  • Shapeshifter bonus max Health on transformation: 50/125% 60/150%
  • Tempest, lightning strike max Health percentage true damage: 5/15/25/35% 10/20/30/45%


The rise of the true Dragonmancer carry, Sejuani, is upon us.

Oh, hey Taliyah, didn’t realize you were in this set. Always the item holder, never the carry…

Next time we buff BonkeyKong, he’ll do direct damage to the enemies’ LP.
  • Leona Solar Barrier damage reduction: 30/40/60 35/45/70
  • Malphite Attack Damage: 70 80
  • Malphite Attack Speed: 0.5 0.6
  • Nasus max Mana buff: 60/120 30/90
  • Sejuani max Mana buff: 50/90 25/75
  • Sejuani Warrior’s Wrath max Health damage ratio: 5% 6%
  • Taliyah Flowing Volley Damage: 145/215/325 160/240/380
  • Wukong Attack Damage: 55 65
  • Wukong Armor & Magic Resist: 40 45


Continuing the trend of buffing units that haven’t had a turn to carry.

Braum enthusiasts, remember to get Hurricane, double Rageblade! But more importantly, remember that I will not be refunding your LP.

I Kent believe these Lillia buffs.
  • Braum Attack Damage: 70 85
  • Jax Counter Strike Damage: 200/300/550 225/350/750
  • Lillia Attack Damage: 40 50
  • Lillia Armor & Magic Resist: 40 50
  • Lillia Attack Speed: 0.7 0.75
  • Qiyana Attack Damage: 50 55
  • Qiyana max Mana buff: 40/100 30/90
  • Rell Iron Bond Damage: 150/225/400 160/240/440
  • Twitch Blast Potion Attack Damage ratio: 120% 160%


I want to take some time to acknowledge that this is our last patch with Nomsy. I’ve known Nomsy for almost a whole set now, and over the course of these past 6ish months I’ve seen her grow from a trainable pet to the well-rounded master of nomming, burping flames, generating Mana, and double casting magical fireballs. I think I speak for all of us here, when I say this: Nomsy, you have been loved. You have finally succeeded in all the things you were trained to do. You are truly a Prodigy! And finally, you will likely be forgotten by everyone as soon as Monsters Attack! goes live (except me, because I sleep with your autograph framed on my nightstand).
  • Diana Attack Damage: 50 55
  • Diana Mana: 50/100 30/90
  • Nomsy Attack Range: 3 4
  • Cannoneer Nomsy, Tristana Attack Damage bonus: 35/50/80 50/75/120
  • Seraphine Serenade of the Seas on-hit Damage: 20/35/65 15/25/45
  • Seraphine Serenade of the Seas shield: 160/220/300 120/160/240
  • Rakan Attack Damage: 45 55
  • Sylas Mana buff: 70/140 60/120
  • Sylas Petricite Burst Damage: 110/170/240 140/200/320
  • Zeri Watershock Laser Damage: 225/325/475 275/375/525


Jayce is not the main character of Arcane. Jayce is the main character of patch 12.22.
  • Hecarim Health: 900 1000
  • Hecarim Onslaught of Shadows Damage: 150/250/1200 200/300/1500
  • Jayce Mercurial Justice transformation Damage: 275/350/900 300/400/1500
  • Jayce Mercurial Justice transformation bonus Armor & Magic Resist: 45 40
  • Jayce Mercurial Judgement Second Cast Center Damage: 375/500/1500 400/550/2000
  • Jayce Mercurial Judgement Second Cast AOE Damage: 125/175/650 225/275/1200
  • Jayce Mercurial Judgement Healing: 150/210/550 100/150/500
  • Nilah max Mana buff: 0/60 0/50


Our two, too high impact Augments are back after their brief removal for our Championship patch. Oh, and while I’m at it, here’s some Championship info: The championship will take place over three days from November 18th (starting at 2AM PT) to November 20th. Tune in via Twitch to cheer on your second favorite player, as your favorite, me, will not be competing.
  • High End Shopping has been added back to the Augment pool
  • Level Up! has been added back to the Augment pool


Small, like the violin I played when you all got mad at me for insulting Zippy’s intelligence…


What’s in the Seastone?
  • Lagoon: the 1000 Seastone stacks secret rewards now drops at 700 Stacks instead
  • Mage Ability Power modifier: 80/105/135/170 80/105/135/195
  • Ragewing Attack Speed: 50/100/150/275% 50/100/150/325%
  • Whispers stacking Attack Damage & Ability Power: 1/3/6 1/3/7


Dummies don’t prepare. Trainers prepare you. And Statues come pre-prepared.
  • Preparation no longer works on summoned units or non-Champions (Target Dummy, Nomsy Trainers, Jade Statues, etc.)